Do-It-Yourself Solar Planets

Crafts for the most creative children and parents are planets of the solar system made of cloth. Soft Mercury and brilliant Uranus will surely please you! Cosmos is fascinating and inspiring, makes you invent fantastic and very good crafts. Today we will show how you can sew a huge solar system.

This craft can remain a fun and informative toy, and can become a real encyclopedia for the study of the solar system.

 Planets of the solar system with their own hands

Planets do-it-yourself solar system

It’s not difficult to make planets of the solar system yourself. Cut two circles from the fabric, according to the size of the planet. Sew them together with the outer side inside. Wrenched. We fill with cotton wool or synthetic fluff. Gently sew the hole. The planet is ready.

We need to pick up fabrics for crafts.If you do not have such a variety of fabrics at home and you need to go to the store, make sure to write down what color and texture of the fabric you need.

What materials do we need?

Black dense canvas, for which we sew a semicircle of the Sun from bright yellow fabric. It should be large enough to accommodate all of our planets.

 Black fabric with sun

Black fabric with sun

Mercury - gray, white, black material. The surface of Mercury is highly corroded by craters, if such a material can not be found, then it is possible to sew or glue white spots as an application. Mercury - its surface is similar to the lunar surface.
Mercury - its surface is similar to the moon

Saturn with rings

 Rings of braid

Ribbons from a braid

Uranium is a silver-blue fabric. The planet Uranus also has rings, although not as strongly pronounced as those of Saturn, so we also sewed the blue ribbon around the circle.

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