Do-It-Yourself sugar crystals

I show you a simple and funny chemical experiment. We used to do it at school, only took salt and grew salt crystals. In the same example, we will take sugar and grow crystals from it. It will be a lollipop, which you can eat at the end, which is good news.
Do-it-yourself sugar crystals

Ingredients you need to make sugar crystals

  • - 380 ml. water,
  • - 1 kg of sugar,
  • - wooden sticks - skewers,
  • - clothespins,
  • - glass transparent cups - glasses (you can use other dishes).

Making sugar crystals

Put the water in a saucepan on stove, a little heat. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. If it does not dissolve, heat it up a little more and so on until it is completely dissolved without residue. Important:you should not boil water with sugar and, if possible, do a lower temperature.
Our main task is to completely dissolve sugar with minimal heat.
Do-it-yourself sugar crystals

Prepare the sticks on which you will grow crystals

Dip the sticks into the water and roll them in a little powdered sugar. Allow to dry on a plate in a tempo place. This is the basis on which sugar crystals will crystallize from water.
Do-It-Yourself Sugar Crystals
Only after the water has cooled, pour it into cups, add food coloring if desired. I poured it in several cups and added a dye of different color. Dip the chopsticks into the cups and fix with a clothespin in the center. Sticks should not touch the edges of the cup.
Do-it-yourself sugar crystals

We are waiting for the crystals to grow

It takes several days to grow the crystals. I advise you to remove all cups in an inaccessible place. Preferably in the dark. Cover to prevent dust. Wait a few days, periodically watching the process.
Do-It-Yourself sugar crystals
Crystals are beginning to form.Sugar also crystallizes on the surface of the glass.
Do-it-yourself sugar crystals
Do-it-yourself sugar crystals

The final stage is drying the crystals

After all the crystals have grown, you need to get them by breaking the surface that has formed. And put in an empty glass to dry out excess liquid. By the time it will take about a day, everything has dried out for me overnight.
Do-It-Yourself sugar crystals
You can try! Beautiful and mouth-watering lollipops invite you to put them in your mouth. So feel free to enjoy. You can make small crystals by taking toothpicks and glasses.
Do-it-yourself sugar crystals
Do-it-yourself sugar crystals
Do-it-yourself sugar crystals
Do-it-yourself sugar crystals
DIY sugar crystals

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