Do-it-yourself automatic hood

I greet you dear friends! Today I will tell you about my next homemade. This is an automatic control hood. No, I, of course, did not do the extract itself - I bought the finished one, but I organized the automatic switch-on based on the finished electronic modules.
 Do-it-yourself automatic extractor
The extract itself switches on on and off when there is a fire on the stove. The entire on and off temperature is very easy to adjust, thus you can select any sensitivity, which is very convenient. The control unit is assembled in the purchased case. The sensor is located in the middle of the exhaust grid to control the heating. The case has a 12-volt power supply and a thermostat set up by me to turn on the relay at a temperature above 29 degrees Celsius and off when the temperature drops below 28 degrees. You can see the work of the automatic hood in the form below. That's all.All links to the purchase of elements below the video.

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