Do-it-yourself Brooch {Dry Felting}

Just look at these amazing sleeping dogs! What a beauty, isn't it? And you can do them yourself, guided by a master class on dry felting fromYana Estrina

So, for work we need:

- paralon

- needles for valnia - 36 (medium), 38 (asterisk) and reverse

- wool for felting - sliver, black, white and sand

- the basis for the brooch

- strong threads and needle

- pastel pencil for tinting folds

As a base in your toys and even in small brooches, you can use a sliver. This is done in order to save colored wool, which ends so quickly.

Well, let's get started!

1.We take a small piece of cinder, form a dense oval lump with an average needle

2. Next, we outline the gap between the face and the ass at the bottom of our future little dog. Then take a little white wool and roll it to where the head of the Phoxica will be.

3. Take some more white wool and roll down to the calf

4. We note the crease (leg)

5. We do tail. From a wad of white wool we form the sausage, leaving at one end the fuzziness for attaching to the calf

6.Now we take the sand wool and roll down to the muzzle

7. Make a spot on the leg and tail

8. Now do the specks of black wool

9. Now ears. Take 2 small lumps of sand wool and form triangles

10. We stick the ears to the head. (carefully, so that they will not fall off)

11. We make a spout out of black wool and small thin sausages - these will be the closed eyes of our Sony.

12. We put our eyes

13. Now we form eyebrows, mustaches and a beard. To do this, we need a reverse needle, which creates a furry, pulling the fur out.

14. Fluffiness was very untidy, so we trim it with scissors.

15. We traverse the asterisk across the entire surface of the brooch (of course, not counting the eyebrows, mustache and beard) to remove the flaws, if any.

16. Pastel pencil shade ears, face, leg.

17. Next, take the base for the brooches and sew with strong threads.

18.Try to keep the needle on the other side in the fold, so that the seam is not visible

19. After the base is sewn, we close it with white wool, for beauty ...

Hooray! Our sleepy brooch is ready!

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