Do-it-yourself kitchen furniture restoration

When it comes to repair, there is no doubt a question, but will the old approach the new interior? And the answer is not always positive. Old furniture can be quite sound and everyone can arrange, but not at all in the color scheme. And it happens that you just want to update the color. In the article I want to tell you how to update the kitchen set with the least expenditure of money, time and effort. By the way, there are many different ways to update the facades of cabinet furniture:
  • - you can order new front doors (this will be much cheaper than new furniture, and less work on installation and measurement);
  • - you can buy a self-adhesive film for furniture fronts;
  • - you can make decoupage;
  • - or you can paint.
This is actually the last version, and it will be discussed - for me it seemed to be the most cost-effective. Let's start with the fact that there is nothing difficult in this, the main thing is to have a desire. In my case, after buying an apartment, the kitchen furniture remained to me from the old owners. Set of Soviet times, but quite well preserved.And since the purchase of an apartment is so very expensive, I decided to leave everything as it is and only change the color and revive the dull facade in my opinion. That's what happened before:
Restoring kitchen furniture with your own hands
First you need to calculate what area we will paint. To do this, measure the width, height and multiply one by the other. I did not set out to make an accurate calculation, I needed to know approximately the area in order to buy the right amount of paint. I painted on one side. If you are going to do it from two sides, then, respectively, the result obtained earlier is multiplied by 2. But in order to paint from both sides it is necessary to remove all the doors, otherwise it will not be possible to paint high-quality. I had no time to do this, so I chose a simpler option - to paint only the facade. For this I had enough of one jar. (see photo) As for the paint for furniture, there are a lot of different manufacturers in stores and with different compositions. There are also paints in cans, but I did not paint such areas in them. I took the spray can to paint the handles on the doors. And for the facade I liked acrylic paint, this paint is odorless and dries pretty quickly. Color violet, semi-matte. The paint rests on varnished, painted and laminated surfaces. In order to spend less time, I chose such a paint that does not require special surface preparation - sanding. Here it's enough to wash the surface and degrease the soda.

To work, you will need:

  • - paint;
  • - gloves;
  • - roller;
  • - brushes;
  • - cuvette (roller tray);
  • - painter's adhesive tape;
  • - mask (I used the mask when I painted the handle with a ball).
Restoration of kitchen furniture with your own hands
So, after everything is ready for work, the color is selected, everything you need is purchased, then you can proceed. To begin with, lay the floor with newspapers, polyethylene or stretch films. Next, we will prepare the surface. When buying paint you need to pay attention to what surface it is designed for. Many paints require pre-sanding the surface, this option did not suit me at all,as I planned to work without help in the shortest possible time. As it is written in the instructions for the paint, you need to wash the surface well, let it dry and then wipe everything with a solution of soda. This is necessary in order to degrease the surface and adhesion of paint to the surface was better. Therefore, it is impossible to neglect this item, otherwise all the work will be in vain, the paint may simply not evenly lie on the surface or peel off during the application of the second layer. After everything is thoroughly cleaned, we take out all the boxes, if any. We put them immediately on a newspaper or polyethylene, we will return to them a little later. If there are accessories that can be unscrewed, then unscrew, otherwise it will be very inconvenient to paint the facade. In my case, the handles are located at the bottom of the doors along their entire length, and they are not removed. I painted with a roller. It is easier to apply paint on smooth surfaces, and the paint falls more evenly. But the edges will have to be finished with a brush.
Restoration of kitchen furniture with their own hands
One layer, of course, is indispensable. The instructions for my paint were written to wait 12 hours before applying the second layer,therefore, one day I did not finish the case. In order to save time while the doors are dry - I painted the handles. If the pens are removed, then it is better, because due to the fact that the pens cannot be removed, I had to wait a couple of hours while the paint dried out and stopped sticking. Handles painted from a barrel. The surface of a complex shape is extremely uncomfortable to paint with a brush, and I did not find the color of gold in any other form. Before starting to paint from a can, you need to paste over with masking tape the boundaries of the surface to be painted. It is advisable to wear a mask, because small particles scatter, and since we work indoors, it is even necessary. Spray paint holding the can upright at a distance of about 20 centimeters. If the accessories are removable process is simplified, put the handles on the film or bags and spray paint. One layer is enough.
Do-it-yourself kitchen furniture restoration
Restoring kitchen furniture with your own hands
Now you can return to the boxes. We also use masking tape to define the boundaries. Preparing for painting the drawers, I decided to paint the pens first, as it turned out the paint from the canister dries several times faster and therefore you can start painting the main surface almost immediately.
Do-it-yourself kitchen furniture restoration
Do-it-yourself kitchen furniture restoration
After the handles are dry, you can paint the facade itself. Remove the masking tape and paint with a brush or roller, depending on the width of the box. In my case, it was more convenient for me to paint with a roller horizontally, then working the edges with a brush.
Do-it-yourself kitchen furniture restoration
The instructions for the paint are written to wait at least 12 hours before applying the second layer, so the first day ended there. The next day you can paint on the second layer. The second layer is applied easier, as the adhesion to the surface becomes better, and in addition, the final color is visible and the eye is happy with the result. Here you need to carefully work out all the corners and sides, try to avoid smudges.
Restoration of kitchen furniture with their own hands
 Do-it-yourself kitchen furniture restoration
 Restoration of kitchen furniture with your own hands
That's the whole process. Anything difficult can be handled by anyone who has the desire. After everything is dry, you can dilute the monochrome by applying stencils on the image. Fantasy can be limitless and fortunately, the choice of stencils today nya very much. You can also make a stencil yourself, it depends on how much time you have. I was in a hurry, so I bought a ready-made self-adhesive stencil and applied the remaining gold paint from a can.

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