Do-it-yourself ship box

Interesting and unusual crafts out of the box with their own hands can make kids of any age. In this case, the higher the level of their skill, the more accurate and beautiful the work is, and the more difficult tasks they can perform. For beginners, a cardboard ship would be a good idea. It is enough to make a ship out of the box with your own hands simply because the main part of the ship, the deck, is already made. It is enough to give it the necessary similarity with the real water transport - and the crafts are ready. In such a ship, you can go to the real voyage around the apartment.

 Ship out of the box with your own hands

Ship from the box with your own hands

Turn the box into a ship as follows:

Cut a circular hole in one of its side walls - a porthole. To do this, we use a clerical knife.

 Cut out the window

Cut out the porthole

Color the ship's hull in suitable, marine colors.Striped white-blue-blue ships look beautiful, but this is a matter of taste for everyone.

 Blue and blue colors for ship coloring

Blue and blue colors for coloring ship

 We paint the ship in blue

We paint the ship in blue

From white blue or ordinary wire we master the wheel. To do this, we connect the ends of the segment, forming a circle from it, to which we fasten short straight pieces of wire. It is easier to work with the blue wire, because the parts made of it do not slip. You can cut the steering wheel out of cardboard or make clay from the clay - all options are good in their own way.

We make a sail from a piece of fabric and cocktail tubes. You can make a variety of sails, using not only fabric, but also paper, polyethylene and various other materials. In this case, the main thing is to provide the child with the opportunity to use his imagination.

To create the deck of the ship, you can glue a piece of cardboard to the tape inside the box.Now the box looks like a ship, not only outside, but inside as well.

 Fix the deck

Fix the deck

We join the elements of the ship, the paint on which by that time, most likely, she had time to dry. Fasten parts to the deck with polymer glue or wire.

 Ship out of the box ready

Ship out of the box ready


Let's now draw a pirate treasure map. To give the effect of the old we can tear it around the edges and slightly pollute it with a black sponge for shoes.

 Pirate card with the effect of antiquity

Pirate map with the effect of antiquity

It remains only to recruit a truly brave team, and now our ship made of cardboard is ready to sail.

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