Do you know who the samoyed is?

When on your way you meet this fluffy, sweet creature with a sly look, defiantly wagging its tail, you involuntarily ask yourself the question - “why is it called“ Samoyed ”? According to one of the versions, these human friends appeared for the first time on the territory of Russia, in the ancient tribe of the Nenets-Samoyeds, who led a nomadic lifestyle. From them the animals got their name.

The real helpers in the household - shepherd dogs, nannies, hunters and carriers are one of the most ancient breeds, with a history of 3 thousand years. Today it is loyal friends and affectionate pets.

Main Features

To confuse these beauties with representatives of another breed is almost impossible. First of all they are given out by elegant wool, which has several important characteristics.

  1. Long and dense. The undercoat of the Samoyeds is very thick, which makes it possible to keep warm, because the dogs originally lived in the Urals and Siberia.
  2. White color. The ends of the long hair may be slightly silver.But there are representatives of this breed with a wool of a milky shade, this does not contradict the cynological standards.
  3. Mane. The coat should be laid in such a way that the collar effect is created around the neck, as shown in the photo.
  4. The tail, like the whole body, must be fluffy and raised upward.

The maximum growth of this species is 60 cm. Bitches, as a rule, are slightly lower than males. The weight of both sexes is approximately the same and ranges from 20-26 kg.

The nose initially has a dark color - black or brown, but the Samoyeds are masters of winter disguise, therefore it becomes lighter in cold weather.

Cheerful disposition

Those who are going to start this pet, it is worth remembering the main thing - Samoyeds do not tolerate loneliness. Being alone for a long time with themselves, they begin to get depressed, get sick and may even die. Therefore, before bringing your four-friend to home, assess your capabilities - can you give him enough attention throughout the day?

If, due to circumstances, it will not work, then get another dog, not necessarily the same breed. Samoyeds are pretty friendly.They will easily get along with cats.

The character of these furry pets has always been friendly and mobile. They are fun, active, open to communication and games. True, excessive curiosity can sometimes bring the hosts some trouble.

If the house has children, you can be calm, the dog will be the best nanny and will find, than them to cheer.


Along with affection, the Samoyeds have not lost their hunting instinct and are perfectly capable of training. Only because of the immense love of people, the caretakers of them are not the best.

Instilling the skills of performing commands and raising can become to some extent a test for the owners, because these dogs are endowed with high intelligence. They are quickly bored with monotonous activities and games. You need to start the process of education from the moment the puppy settles in your house.

Do not allow him to sleep on the bed or try to climb on the table, because in the future you are unlikely to be able to wean the adult from such childish pranks.

The nature of the Samoyed forms the work, the more often you will find tasks for your pet, the more satisfied he will be.

Living conditions

Samoyeds like freedom, so keeping in a spacious aviary or free walks around a private house would be an excellent option. But if you really really want to have a furry friend, but you don’t have a private house, you can lodge an animal in an apartment, but then he will need daily active physical exertion and dynamic walks.

Regarding care, he will need first of all the dog's coat. If you want it to be beautiful and radiant, get a special comb, and comb the pet at least 3 times a week. It is often not necessary to wash, 3-4 times a year is enough, otherwise the wool may lose its property for self-cleaning.

Like other breeds, periodic cleaning of teeth is required, and circumcision of excess wool in the auricles.

What to feed?

The northern roots of the breed influenced the taste preferences of Samoyeds to fish. It must be boiled and must be boneless. But the presence in the meat supply system also should not be forgotten. You can give lean veal, beef or poultry. They should be at least 30% of the diet.

If you want to please the pet with treats, give sugar beef bone or a piece of dry rye bread. They like the yolk, but the protein can cause a serious allergic reaction.

Psychologists advise those who suffer from depression, are subject to constant stress and mood swings, communication with the Samoyed. They are so cheerful and vigorous animals that bad mood, insomnia and apathy will disappear forever. Such a pet will become a full-fledged family member and a devoted lifelong friend.

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