Door handles on the bar. Their advantages and advice on choosing.

After buying the entrance and interior doors, you need to pay special attention to the fittings. It depends on it the reliability of the design and protection of the premises from hacking by intruders. Handles are considered to be integral parts of the door hardware. Modern manufacturers produce different types of these products, which differ not only in size, shape and color, but also the principle of operation.

The advantages of pens on the bar. Why have they gained popularity and are always considered relevant? Despite their wide range, the handles on the bar are still the most relevant and universal. They can be mounted without any problems in doors made of MDF, chipboard, chipboard, steel and natural wood. The peculiarity of such models is that the push handle, instead of the socket, is placed on the bar, and the bar, in turn, is fixed on the door leaf. Such products have gained great popularity for the following reasons:

  1. They are resistant to heavy loads. This means that such fittings can be easily mounted into heavy and massive door structures.
  2. Buy a handle on the bar should be because it is convenient in the process of opening and closing the door. This is due to the fact that the keyhole in such a product is at an accessible distance from the handle itself.
  3. This type of hardware is made using reliable and durable materials. As a rule, it is brass, aluminum or stainless steel. Thanks to high-quality electroplating, even after a long service life, it does not form scratches and abrasions.
  4. This type of fittings looks very stylish and modern. Professional designers are engaged in its development, so it will undoubtedly make the interior of the room truly rich and original. The peculiarity of these products is also in the fact that they are suitable for different styles.

How to approach the choice of these products? What to consider?

Before you buy these integral parts of the door leaf, a person needs to pay attention to the following:

  1. The material used by the manufacturer in the process of creating this product. It must be durable and resistant to mechanical damage. It is very important that the material does not corrode.
  2. The center distance between the handle and the keyhole. This is to ensure that the opening and closing of the door structure is as convenient as possible.
  3. The width and length of the slat.
  4. Faler or tongue quality. When you press the handle, this element extends in the form of a ball or cylinder. It must be cleaned out without effort.

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