Draw a pattern (pattern) on the plate

Materials and tools:

  1. plates;
  2. pattern (pattern);
  3. fine sandpaper;
  4. glue stick;
  5. primer;
  6. black paint (or other color);
  7. masking tape;
  8. scissors;
  9. A paper knife.

Step 1

We take a plate and paste the inside of the masking tape. We glue the adhesive tape and carefully smooth it.

Step 2

Select the image that will be transferred to the plate, adjust it in the graphical editor to fit the size of the inside of the plate and print it out on the printer.

Crop a sheet with a pattern, making it "round." Next, using glue stick, paste the template on the plate.

Now the most painstaking part: with a paper knife, carefully cut out the template, while putting enough pressure on the knife to cut through the tape.

After you have finished cutting the template, first carefully remove the "white background" of the stencil, and then, prying the corner, remove the drawing itself along with the masking tape. If the tape is not cut somewhere, then if necessary it can be carefully cut through.

Step 3

We take a small sandpaper and sand the surface a little, it is necessary that the paint is better laid down. Wipe the plate with a clean cloth to remove dust and degrease.

Next, first apply 2 coats of primer, and then 2-3 coats of paint. Important: let each layer dry (drying time is written on the package) before applying another layer of paint or primer.

In the end, you can varnish the plate. Everything,plate for Halloween with a pictureis ready.

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