Drill a stainless steel pot

If you have ever encountered drilling stainless steel, then you know perfectly well that it is quite problematic to drill this metal. It is necessary to have some knowledge and experience, because unlike ordinary steel, stainless is much harder to machine, which leads to certain difficulties. I'll show you how to make three large diameter holes in a stainless steel pan in three different ways. The task is simplified by the fact that the pan has walls made of thin metal.

Drilling a stainless steel with your own hands

So, we decide where to make a hole. To ensure that the drill does not jump when entering, the core core of the future hole is. Drill a stainless steel pot
Three ways that I will use:
  • Drilling with a step drill.
    Drill a pan of stainless steel
  • Crown drilling. Drill a stainless steel pot
  • And drilling with a conventional drill,with an argument to the desired diameter using Dremel.

We drill stainless steel with a step drill

We recommend drilling at low speeds with lubricant, in the role of which use oil well. And if you don’t have it at hand, you can periodically sprinkle the drilling site with plain water.
Drill a stainless steel pot
So, slowly, step by step, step by step, we drill a hole of such a diameter that allows the step drill.
Drilling a stainless steel pot
For a thin metal, such a drill is optimal.

Drilling a stainless steel with a coronary drill

Now it’s time for the crown. Again, the center of the core, a drill bit drill a hole under the entrance bit drill bit. And already with a coronary drill, we begin to drill a wide hole, not forgetting to spray a cooling-lubricating fluid.
Drill a stainless steel pot
Using this method, we were able to very quickly get a wide hole of the desired diameter.
Drilling a stainless steel pot
But after the first hole the drill became unusable.All his teeth blunted and it remains only to throw away.

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