Drywall. Features of application.

Drywall material for wall decoration used in repairs. This is not a new building material. It appeared in the past millennium, on the territory of Russia (then the USSR), was distributed in the 50s. With the help of it is the alignment of walls, ceilings and corners, the installation of small partitions, niches, arches. Working with drywall, less time is spent, and the quality of work is guaranteed. It has good environmental properties and ease of installation, but it is worth remembering that such ceilings should be harmoniously incorporated into the office ventilation project, or the shopping center ventilation project.

This material includes three layers. The main layer is a core consisting of gypsum with the addition of various other substances. Therefore, it is durable. On the sides - a layer of thick cardboard sheets. Drywall dimensions are standard. By use, it resembles a tree. It does not burn, so it is safe. There are several types of drywall sheets: plain, waterproof, fire resistant and fibrous. In the rooms and apartments apply the usual giprok.In the kitchen and in the bathroom - waterproof. In the production premises, near the fireplace - fire resistant. Fibrous sheet is highly resistant.

Speaking about the advantages, we can distinguish the following: the speed of work and its simplicity (the time spent can be a couple of days), it does not require the possession of special skills, the universality of the application, a sufficiently low cost of the material. It also allows you to create attachments inside the wall, for example, for sensors or communications.

Sheets of drywall can be fixed using a frame (the most popular method of attachment) or mastic. The frame may be wooden or metal. Also need screws and screws. They should be deepened so that they are not so noticeable. It must be remembered that drywall sheets are the heaviest material, so it is necessary to strengthen the rack well. To do this, use ribs. If you choose the second method, then you first need to strengthen the walls with impregnations. Mastic is applied on 40% of the sheet area. For sound insulation, you can also apply drywall along with glass wool. One of the properties of the material is the regulation of the humidity in the room.With an excess - moisture is absorbed, and with a lack, on the contrary, it is released.

On drywall sheets, you can immediately glue wallpaper, tile, mosaic and similar decorative items. Such material has practically no limits of application. But before work it is necessary to study and get acquainted with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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