Ear on the fire

Cooking time: 40 minutes. Calories 100 grams: 74.6 Kcal. You can cook the summer fish soup not only from river or lake fish. From the sea, it turns out even tastier! For this dish you do not need to use good chunks, enough head and trimmed red fish, such as trout, salmon or salmon. Today we prepare the fish soup from trout. Everything is elementary simple. We put 5-6 potatoes in a pot with hot water, cut in half.
 put the potatoes
Kiss the onion into 4 sections, but so that it does not fall apart.
cut the bow
Do the same with carrots.
 we cut carrots
We put all this in a pot, add bay leaf, pepper sprinkles and salt.
cook the soup
When the vegetables boil, you need to wait 10 minutes, and then add the trout.
 cook the soup
Wait another 20 minutes for the potatoes and fish to boil, pour in 100-150 grams of regular vodka and remove from the fire,pour into plates.
 trout ear

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