Easier than it seems: how to equip the perfect playground

Outdoor games are the first association with summer vacations. We tell how to make these games not only exciting, but also safe.

If you are one of the lucky ones who can send a child to a dacha in the summer, or to the village with your grandmother, or even just live in your own home, our advice will be especially useful for you. After all, it would be desirable, that children spent holidays cheerfully and with advantage. Therefore, it is important to provide them with comfortable conditions for outdoor activities and outdoor games. You can create a dream playground with your own hands right at the dacha. How to organize a space for outdoor games and choose the right and safe children's play furniture, Wday.ru was told by the expert of the hypermarket chain for repairs and giving OBI Tatyana Chabrova.

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We are looking for a place not under the sun

First you need to decide on the location of the future playground.The place is better to choose away from dangerous objects such as barbecue. Pick up shaded areas that are not under the open sun all day. If this is not possible, be sure to put an awning or canopy.

“If you have a free flat plot, then you are incredibly lucky. Playground can be arranged directly on the lawn - this is an ideal coverage for children's entertainment. If not, level the surface and make it comfortable and safe using modular garden coverings. They are durable, withstand the weight of gaming equipment and soften the blows from falling. Such coatings are easy to install. In addition, there are many options for their design, ”- advises Tatiana Chabrova.

An artificial grass can also be an alternative to natural turf. It is sold in rolls, easily fit, and most importantly - not afraid of the vagaries of the weather and does not fade in the sun.

playground cover
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Choosing gaming equipment

Filling the platform should be suitable for the child in age. Plastic play houses, slides and sandboxes are suitable for kids up to two years old. Pay attention to the sandbox with a lid that will protect the contents from wind, rain and excessive attention of animals.

“Sand, by the way, is better to take the cleaned one — packages for 20 kilograms are sold in hypermarkets for repair and dacha. It is very convenient and safe - there is no risk to put foreign objects and garbage in the sandbox. And do not forget about the bucket, tins and a scoop so that the baby does not miss, ”continues our expert.

wooden house for a child
wooden playhouse for a child
wooden playhouse for a child
wooden playhouse for a child
Photo: OBI press service
Photo: OBI press service
Photo: OBI press service
Photo: OBI press service

Not only plastic, but also wooden furniture, such as a pine game house, will be suitable for children from three years old. You can paint it with your child - turn it into a fun farm or a fairytale castle, hang boxes with flowers on the windows, and put a children's table and chairs at the entrance. Add to this a slide, a ladder and a swing - and the perfect outdoor play area is ready.

When choosing gaming complexes, pay attention to their size and height. For children under 7 years of age, specialists consider structures as safe as 110 cm, and from 7 to 12 years old - up to 1.3 meters.

trampoline for baby how to choose
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Add jumps and splashes

There are two things that can make a vacation at the cottage unforgettable. First, the trampoline is fun and healthy entertainment for children of all ages.And for adults, because modern models for giving can withstand a load of up to 150 kg. If you follow the safety precautions, trampolining is also an excellent training for all muscle groups. When choosing pay attention to the strength and stability of the structure. It is better to stay on the model with a frame made of steel. It is desirable that all metal parts are galvanized, which provides protection against moisture and corrosion. For safety, the trampoline must be equipped with a sturdy protective net. A portable trampoline should not be installed on hard surfaces - concrete or asphalt, only lawn or sand will do.

children's pool to give
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The second thing is the pool. This is both fun and a great way to escape from the heat. Kids will love to splash around in an inflatable pool, and for older children, you can install the model on the frame. Such designs are more durable, moreover, such a pool does not have to be disassembled and assembled every season.

Let's play the whole place

When children grow up from slides and sandboxes, the playground can be easily transformed into a sports one. Coverage you will already be ready, it remains only to remove all unnecessary.The vacant space will be an excellent space for active team games that will be of interest to younger students: bouncers, hot potatoes, Cossacks-robbers, etc.

For teens more suitable sports games - football, volleyball, basketball. If the space on your site allows, you can easily equip a real football field. The ground can be sown with a special lawn for sports games, it will only be necessary to set the gate.

games for the whole family
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Think over options that will be interesting for all family members. And most importantly - do not stand on the sidelines, but actively participate in the games of your children. Believe me, they will be happy if parents spend more time with them and share their hobbies.

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