Easter basket for eggs

Good afternoon. Everyone knows the tradition of giving eggs to each other on the holy feast of Easter. You can make a beautiful egg basket with your own hands and without spending a lot of money and effort on it. And how to make it, I'll show you now. We will need: - Bottle (plastic). - Scissors. - Fabric of two colors (brown, green). - Needle. - Threads in the color of the fabric. - Stapler. - Glue. - Disposable red tablecloth. - Beads. - Sisal. Take a bottle and cut out her workpiece for the future basket height of 7 centimeters. Do not forget to leave at the edges opposite to each other blanks for a pen, 1.5 centimeters wide. For convenience, you can mark the cut line with a marker.
 cut from non-blank
Now we need a fabric. You can take the material of absolutely any color, I took the brown. We trim the base for the basket inside and outside with a cloth.We don’t touch the handles.
 We scour the basis for the basket
Again we take the material of brown color and cut off 2 strips 6 centimeters wide, 40 centimeters long . Each strip in width fold double face inward and sew. Turning it out after the strip.
We put a strip on one blank for the pen, exposing the tip of the pen. We will have a kind of "accordion" made of cloth.  Put on a strip
We do the same with the second strip.
 fasten handles with stapler
Stapler fasten the knobs, sew together 2 strips of fabric and straighten the material evenly along the entire length of the handle. With a stapler we fix the p hibernation Now take a disposable tablecloth red. Such a tablecloth is thin and in order for the canvas not to show through, we will cut off a strip 2 cm wide from it, grease it with glue and roll it in half.Only after that we will cut out flower petals from it. Each flower will need 5 petals.
 red petal
Make a small cut on each petal. In the photo, I marked this incision with a marker. Edge sticking glue. Thus, we will add some volume to the petals.
 red petal
 red petal
We paste together the petals , giving a flower shape.
 red flower
In the middle of the flower we glue a bead. From the green fabric, cut the leaves and paste them to flower. We immediately make the right amount of colors, not forgetting that their number should not be even. I made 11 flowers and on each of them 2 or 3 leaves. It will be good if all the flowers are of different sizes.
 red flower
Glue our flowers to the basket.

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