Plaster Easter Magnets

On a beautiful and bright holiday - Easter wants to give your loved ones not only good mood, but also emotional. And what could be better than a gift made by yourself? A beautiful and memorable gift will become an Easter egg magnet.
Easter magnets made of plaster

It will take

To make a magnet, you will need materials:
  • Plastic form from Kinder surprise.
  • Gypsum.
  • White and gold acrylic paints.
  • Napkins for decoupage with motifs " roses. "
  • Brush.
  • Glue for PVA.
  • Putty.
  • Syringe.
  • Luck.
  • Magnets.

Let's make Easter magnets from plaster

Easter magnets from plaster
The process of making Easter magnets: 1. The first step is to prepare the plaster and water. Mix the components in such a way that the liquid gypsum mass is obtained.
Easter magnets from gypsum
Easter magnets from plaster
2. Next, prepare the form for the magnets.At the same time we will make 2 kinds of magnets, since we have 2 halves from Kinder. For the convenience of the form set in the tray of eggs. Then pour the plaster into the forms.
Easter magnets made of plaster
Easter magnets from plaster
3. Gypsum freezes quickly. But, you need to make sure of its complete drying by clicking on an arbitrary section with a sharp object. If there is no trace, then the plaster is frozen.
Easter magnets from plaster
4. Carefully remove molds from gypsum blanks. The front side of the blanks is smooth, and the reverse side - with some errors. This is not scary, since the reverse side of the product will not be visible in the future.
Easter magnets from plaster
5. We ground both sides of the blanks with white acrylic paint.
Easter magnets from gypsum
6. Let's decorate magnets using decoupage technique. To do this, we will prepare motifs from napkins. Cut out the elements you like and separate the 2 lower layers of the napkin, leaving only the top layer with a pattern. For the first magnet we will use a motif with one big rose.For the second magnet - with lots of small roses.

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