Elegant gift box

A simple and at the same time very presentable way of packing small gifts is making a gift box with your own hands. Often we don’t know how to present a small gift, a neckerchief, a jar of cream or a brooch. But it turns out, to make a small box with minimal expenditure of money and time is very simple. So, to make a box for small gifts yourself, you will need: - wrapping or simple colored paper; in this case, ordinary wallpaper was used, which remained after the repair; - some cardboard, for example, from under the box of chocolates; - scissors; - ruler and pencil; - white glue or other office glue; - pencil and eraser.
 Elegant gift box
Use wallpaper residue to make a box - this is a very economical and original solution.Thus, you will save money on materials, in addition, wallpaper with an unobtrusive abstract pattern will always give a very effective and at the same time unobtrusive result. So, we need to cut out of paper two squares measuring 18x18 cm and 18,5x18,5 cm. Of course, the question immediately arises - how to calculate the side of the required square to get a box of the right size? The algorithm should take the fact that as a result, the side of the base of the box goes about three times less than the side of the original square. With these square sizes, the box dimensions are 6.5x6.5x3.3 cm. When cutting squares, strictly observe the right angles, otherwise it will not work to fold the box exactly.
Elegant gift box
Then spend two diagonals on the seamy side of paper squares.
 Elegant Gift Box
Now achinaem folding box. Fold the corner so that its top is in contact with the middle of the square, that is, the intersection point of the two diagonals. Not augering the corner, bend the same side again so that the first fold comes into contact with the diagonal, as in the photo. Similarly, you need to add the opposite side of the square.
 Smart gift box
 Elegant gift box
Now let's break all the folds and fold the same two other hand.

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