Elegant gray dress: 20+ beautiful images

Recently, gray has become an increasingly popular and versatile shade for the selection of an elegant image. If earlier this color was associated with “gray mouse”, now it is one of the best options for office and business style. In the winter, in the autumn, in the spring - at any time of the year you can diversify your usual image with a luxurious gray dress and stylish accessories.

There are several shades of gray: light gray, dark gray, smoky, ashen and silver.

Gray color is perfectly combined with burgundy, terracotta, orange, black, beige, red, pink, green and yellow colors.

Silver and gold accessories will help revive a strict gray dress: watches, patterned bracelets, rings and chains.

If the gray color still seems boring to you, add to the side a few bright and colorful accents.

To emphasize the waist, add a thin leather belt to the look.

If you are planning a party, add a couple of bracelets to your hand and make up your lips with red lipstick.

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