“Master’s Day” endless greeting card

Each teacher invests in his students not only knowledge, but also teaches respect, gratitude and many other useful qualities. From this it follows that on your professional holiday the teacher deserves from you a greeting card with words of thanks. A small trifle, a couple of pleasant words with congratulations and you will give the teacher a lot of positive emotions. To make this postcard interesting, you can make it and decorate yourself. Just this master class will allow you to master the production of an “endless” postcard on Teacher's Day Why is it called infinite? Because it just turns out four different reversals that unfold one after the other, and as a result, after the fourth reversal, you return to the first one. Let's start. We will need: • Light brown and brown pastel paper on the album sheet; • Two sheets of any cardboard for the postcard layout; • • Scrapbuma specifically for the school theme,only four sheets of 15x15 cm; • Color pictures about the school and the inscription “Happy Teacher's Day"; • Lace in openwork beige color; • • Rep ribbon of dark brown polka dots; • Curb hole « Lace "; • Black ink and acrylic stamp" Handmade "; • PVA glue, pencil, double-sided tape, ruler, glue heat gun, scissors; • For decoration we take green leaves, brown, turquoise and peach flowers, cut a frame of brown cardboard, various half beads, a metal key, a small leaflet for late visions.
Endless Card
 We take for making candles
First we take a cardboard and draw by size a postcard scheme. The pattern shows that we need to cut out four rectangles of 7 * 14 cm for the base of the postcard. .ru / images / 7/1268-dlya-nachala-berem-karton.jpg "alt =" First we take the cardboard "title =" First we take the cardboard ">
 First we take the cardboard
 Cut two rectangles together
Cut out two 7 * 14 cm rectangles from pastel paper. Now, according to the schemes, we need to make bending lines, the so-called scoring. We put a book or a board for this under the paper and make scoring under the ruler.
 Cut two rectangles together
 Cut out two rectangles
make bending lines
Corners that are drawn on the diagram are t There are places where we will spread PVA glue and glue the rectangles together. We spread on the book rectangles №1 and №2 tightly vertically to each other. We apply the upper and lower corners-squares with PVA glue.
 make bending lines
 are drawn on the scheme Take a square No. 3, turn it horizontally and spread the upper corner squares with glue and lay it horizontally on blanks No. 1 and 2.We press and smooth it.
 We smear the PVA glue
 We smear PVA with glue
Rectangle No. 4 is also glued to the bottom corner squares.
 Press and smooth
 We press and smooth
The glued corners are left to dry for about 15-20 minutes. Now we twist a postcard. It is like a transformer, a turn after a turn. There are four of them in total.
 leave to dry
 doing your decor
do your decorNow for each turn we will make our own decor. For each reversal of your sheet scrapbook. From the remaining pieces we make a paper lace punch.
 Sewing Everyone on the Machine
 Sew each with a typewriter
Two pictures with sticking to each turn into squares 7.5 * 7.5 cm. We sew each with a typewriter. Then we add a ribbon to the front picture and make a frill of lace, also sew. Cut out the inscription toned around the edge. All the cardboard parts are glued only with double-sided tape.  Endless Postcard  Infinite Card We paste the rest of the decor at our discretion. We make an openwork note from watercolor paper for congratulations, stamp the inscription “Handmade” and spread one corner with glue, insert it into the second spread. This is a place for congratulations. Done. We unfold it, as they say, indefinitely.
 Endless Postcard
 Endless postcard
 Endless card
Endless greeting card
 Endless Postcard
 Endless about krytka

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