Epoxy key ring

A stunningly beautiful key chain or pendant can be made from ordinary wooden slats and epoxy resin. This simple technology will allow you to create an absolutely unique and magical thing that you just can not buy in stores.

You will need to make a keychain

  • Two-component transparent epoxy resin.
  • Wooden lath.
  • Dye for resin.
Well, also other materials on trivia, see below.

How to make a key chain or pendant of epoxy resin

Take the appropriate size wooden batten. It is better if it is stale, aged by time. Although the new one can also be used.
Key ring made of epoxy resin
We clamp the rail in a vice and break it into two parts with a hammer. This is necessary in order to create an interesting relief on the faces.Keychain from epoxy resin
Then take a thin plexiglass and make from it a frame for pouring. Temporarily glue with super glue to the edges of the rail. Key ring made of epoxy resin Glue all the joints with hot glue. Please note:quadruple - no upper side. But in order for epoxy resin to have a level slightly higher (for further processing), we make edges along the edges with hot glue.
Key ring made of epoxy resin
Hermetically we glue everything.
Key ring made of epoxy resin
Preparing the resin. To do this, we mix the components in the proportion specified in the instructions for epoxy resin. For accurate determination of proportions, it is good to use digital scales with an accuracy of tenths of a gram.
Key ring made of epoxy resin
Add dye. I chose green. You can use any other.
Keychain from epoxy resin
All carefully mix.
Key ring made of epoxy resin
Pour the mixture into the body of a future key ring or pendant.We pour the level to the hot glue sides.
Keychain of epoxy resin
Leave to harden the resin for the time specified in its instructions for use. Unstick Plexiglas. In order to leave it better, we heat it up with a hand gas lighter.

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