Equality in the family, or who should do at home

Equality in the family, or who should do at homeModern society is already beginning to move away from the "man - breadwinner, woman - mistress" scheme. It is not uncommon for a wife to get more husband, or their earnings are equal. How to properly distribute family responsibilities, so that the load and responsibility was equal?

Joint life in each family is built in its own, unique type. The new family is a new order, which will consist of the customs of the spouses and certain concessions to the opposite side. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss in advance the terms of reference and the procedure for housekeeping - what the wife does in the house and what is the responsibility of the husband. It is important that this decision does not offend any of the spouses, because, as a rule, it is unsettled life that causes frequent discord in the family.

"A woman must, but a man - no"

Equality in the family, or who should do at home

Since ancient times, labor has been divided into female and male.Even now, there are such men who think that most household chores fall under the category of “female vocation”, and the duties of a spouse in the family are to hammer in a nail, fix a chair and sit quietly at the TV. This, of course, is influenced by upbringing, but proper prioritization will help solve this problem.
At first, a woman should show a lot of attention, perseverance, tact and patience. And you should not be surprised if the request to hang out the laundry after washing or take out the garbage will be met with a blank look and performed this way. If you thus gradually accustom your husband to new duties, he will come to terms and will take them for everyday affairs.

Spouses should be remembered that a request made once will not become a habit in the second half so that the next time he does this without a reminder. Regularly reinforce such requests with reminders, said in a calm tone. The main thing here is not to overdo it with the number of reminders, so as not to cause irritation and anger in this way.

Equality in the family, or who should do at home

First of all, make a list of all household duties.Write down in detail how many times a week the apartment is cleaned (and how), who walk with the dog or clean the cat, how it is washed, etc. Then in front of each item put the name of the artist.

When deciding how to distribute responsibilities in the family, try to take into account personal preferences, skills, employment of each partner. Try to choose exactly those duties that are best obtained and not allow a gradual shift of all responsibilities to someone.
It should be noted that the list created will change over time, sometimes temporarily. Let's say that a sick wife will not be able to vacuum the carpet in the bedroom on Saturday, and someone will be forced to replace it.

Equality in the family, or who should do at home

Praise each other for any, even the most minimal, homework done - a cooked dinner, a quality ironed shirt, and the purchase of products for the weekend. And if something did not work out, try to encourage and comfort your soul mate. This will serve as a good motivation for the next time.
Remember that mutual respect, support, patience and creativity will be needed in such a difficult task as the distribution of family life.Try, show care and tenderness - and you will definitely succeed.

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