Eva Luna Jacket with knitting needles

Knit elegant knitting with elegant detailsEva Luna Jacketwith a shawl collar consists of several lace patterns.

Materials and tools:

  1. 550-600-650-700-750-850 grams of gray-violet color (100% wool, 50g / 100m);
  2. straight and circular needles (80 cm) No. 4;
  3. 6 silver buttons.



Pattern Description

Density of knitting: 21 p x 28 p stockings viscous = 10 x 10 cm

Dress knitting (back / forward): the entire front row. 1 hem = 2 rows of facial loops.

Button Loops

Close the buttonhole loops in the right strap. One hole = 3 faces. we knit together the 4th loop from the middle of the forehand, then we make one nakid.

Close the buttonhole loops at the following intervals:

Size XS / S: 6, 13, 20, 27, 34 and 40 cm.

Size M: 6, 13, 20, 27, 34 and 41 cm.

Size L: 6, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 cm.

Size XL: 6, 14, 22, 29, 36 and 43 cm.

Size XXL: 6, 14, 22, 30, 37 and 44 cm.

Size XXXL: 6, 14, 22, 30, 38 and 45 cm.

Knitting pattern

Schemes from A1 to A4, the diagram shows a drawing from the face.

Council for reducing loops (for example for the neck):

From the inner side, we shorten all the loops knitted with garter stitch, i.e. strap + loop for the collar.

In the same way, we cut the left side, in front of all the loops in the garter knit: we knit two face loops together.

We continue to cut and on the right side, after all loops of garter knitting: we remove an un-tied loop as the front one, 1 person. p., remove from the spokes removed untied loop.

Knitting description

Jacket Basic Linen

We knit on circular needles forward / backward, starting from the middle of the front shelf of the jacket.

Freely type 211-231-251-281-311-341 hinges (including five loops for the slat in the direction of the center billet) to the circular needle No. 4. We knit the first row as follows (= wrong side): we knit 5 personal loops, We knit 2 face loops together, * 7 face loops, remove a loop that is not tied as a face loop, we knit two face loops together, we put the looped loop on the knit loop, repeat from * to * until there are 14 loops on the needle, 7 face loops, we cross 2 face loops , 5 facial = 171-187-203-227-251-275 loops.

We knit 2 rows of facial loops on top of all loops. Then put two markers on the canvas, counting 45-49-53-59-65-71 loops on each side (= 81-89-97-109-121-133 loops between the markers on each side for the back).We continue knitting as follows: we knit 5 loops of the strap with garter stitch (see the explanation above), we knit according to the scheme A-1: ​​scheme a above the fourth loop, scheme b above 152-168-184-208-232-256 loops and scheme c above the fifth a loop in the garter, then 5 loops of the garter strap. Once we untie under the scheme A-1, at the same time, when the size of the knitted fabric of the jacket will be 6 cm., We will begin to close the buttonhole loops for the buttons - we'll look at the explanation above.

We continue knitting in accordance with the scheme A-2 in the same way (we knit the bar all the time with garter stitching), repeat vertical knitting three times according to the scheme A-2. Then we continue knitting on the scheme A-3, at the same time in the first row we carry out a uniform reduction of 12-12-12-8-8-8 loops (we cut 6-6-6-4-4-4 loops from the back and 3-3 -3-2-2-2 loops from each shelf of the jacket, in no case do cuts over the bars) = 159-175-191-219-243-267 loops, also evenly cut 12-12-12-8-8 -8 loops in the last row in scheme A-3, make the distribution of the cuts as well as the previous cuts = 147-163-179-211-235-259 loops.

When one rapport is vertically knitted according to A-3, one rapport is knitted according to A-4. When the rapport will be knitted according to the scheme A-4, the size of the canvas of the jacket will be approximately 32 cm.We continue knitting according to the pattern A-3 at the same time we uniformly add 16 loops to the first row (8 loops from the back of the back 4 loops from the main web) = = 163-179-195-227-251-275 loops. In the same way, we make additions to the last row according to the scheme A-3 = 179-195-211-243-267-291 loops. When we finish knitting according to scheme A-3, we continue according to scheme A-2 (we begin to add for the collar before it is connected by scheme A-2 - we read the explanation further).

Knitting a shawl collar with knitting

At the same time, when the size of the knitted fabric will be 39-40-41-42-43-44 cm, we start adding loops for the collar on both sides to the center of the main fabric. We add loops by adding nakida between the most distant loops on both sides - in the next row we cross the nakida and front loops so that there are no large holes between the loops.

In each row, we continue to add loops until 15-15-15-18-18-18 loops are added on both sides of the connected, i.e. there should be 20-20-20-23-23-23 hinge loops on both sides.

We continue to knit according to pattern A-2 until the web size will be 41-42-43-44-45-46 cm. The following first row will be knitted according to pattern A-3 as follows: add for the collar and knit the bar as before, we cut one loop for the neck - we look at the advice for cutting, we knit untiluntil 2-3-3-4-4-5 loops remain in front of the marker, close 4-6-6-8-8-10 loops for the armhole, continue to knit until 2-3-3-4-4-5 loops remain before the next marker, close the 4-6-6-8-8-10 loops for the armhole, knit, until there are two loops until the bar, cut one loop for the neck - see the advice on cutting the loops, knit the bar and add loops for the collar, like and before. Each part is completed separately.

The left side of the front shelf of the jacket with needles

We first read before starting the next part of knitting:

Pattern: we continue to knit according to scheme A-3 until 1 rapport is tied vertically, then we knit according to A-4 scheme 1 time (knit so that those loops that are knitted do not coincide with the neck loops, while reducing the loops for neck in a piece of stocking stitching), then knit once according to scheme A-3 and continue stocking until you finish to the appropriate size - at the same time, knit a garter stitch in one edge loop in the direction of the armhole.

Knitting an armhole

At the same time, close the loop for the armhole at the beginning of each row on both sides as follows: 2 loops 0-0-0-2-3-4 times and then 1 loop 0-0-2-3-5-6 times .

Knitting the collar and neck of a jacket with needles

We continue the increase of the collar loops, repeat the reduction of the loops for the neck in each row four times and then in each fourth row 5-5-6-6-7-7 times. After adding loops for the collar and cutting the loops for the neck, there should be 50-53-54-59-60-62 loops on the spoke.

When the size of the canvas is 60-62-64-66-68-70 cm, close the first 30-33-34-36-37-39 loops on the front side for the shoulder, knit the remaining row (= 20-20- 20-23-23-23 hinges will remain for the gate). We continue knitting with knitting: * 2 rows only over the most distant 15-15-15-18-18-18 loops (towards the center of the main blade), 2 rows over all loops *, repeat from * to * until approximately the size of the gate will be equal to 5 1 / 2-5 1 / 2-6-6-6 1 / 2-6 1/2 cm along the short side (by doing so we duplicate the same dimensions from the outside), remove the loops on the pin.

Right Front Jacket Shelf

We knit, like the left side, only mirror. When closing the hinges for the shoulder, knit from the wrong side to avoid breaking the thread when knitting the gate.

Knitting a Backless Jacket

= 81-87-95-109-121-131 loops. We close for the armhole on each side, as well as from the front shelf = 81-87-91-95-99-103 loops. At the same time, we finish knitting in accordance with scheme A-3 with the most distant loops on each side in garter stitch, we continue to knit in accordance with scheme A-4,we knit vertically once (look at the arrow shown on the outside of the scheme - the middle of the back, knit the loops on each side, so that the loops do not match the pattern when hosiery knitting).

Then we knit the rapport under the scheme A-3 before the end of knitting with knitting stockings.

When the size of the canvas will be 58-60-62-64-66-68 cm, close the average 19-19-21-21-23-23 loops for the neck, then knit the shoulders separately. Close one loop in the next row for the neck = 30-33-34-36-37-39 loops will remain for each shoulder. close all the loops when the size of the canvas will be 60-62-64-66-68-70 cm.

Knitting a sleeve of a jacket

We knit back and forth.

Freely type 63-63-63-73-73-73 loops (including one edge on each side) with the needles No. 4. We knit the first row as follows (purl-row): 1 knit the front row, 2 knit the front loops, * 7 facial loops, we remove 1 loop as a front loop, we knit two front loops together, we throw the removed loop on the knit loop *, repeat from * to * until 10 loops remain on the needle, we knit 7 front loops, cross 2 subsequent face loops together, 1 face loop = 51-51-51-59-59-59 loops. We knit two facial rows over all the loops.We continue to knit in the following way (one row = front row): one edge loop in garter knitting, we knit according to the scheme A-1 in this way: the pattern a over 4 loops, the pattern b over 40-40-40-48-48-48 loops and a circuit with over 5 loops, we complete the edge loop with garter stitch. Once knit vertically according to the scheme A-1.

Before continuing with the knitting, read the entire section!

Pattern: continue to knit according to the pattern A-2, you need to knit vertically four rapport upwards, then continue to knit according to the pattern A-3, knit once, vertically knit according to the pattern A-4 once (calculate the loops so that the loop marked in the diagram with an arrow, was located in the middle of the sleeve), we are tying it once according to the scheme A-3 and then according to the scheme A-2 until you link it to the required length.

Magnification: We knit the same way, when the size of the canvas was 12-12-14-14-16-16 cm, we add one loop on both sides. Repeat the addition every 4 1 / 2-3 1 / 2-2 1 / 2-2 1 / 2-2-1 1/2 cm 8-10-12-11-14-17 times = 69-73-77-83 -89-95 loops - knitting is continued with the addition of hosiery knit stitch, as it corresponds to the rapport.

Knitting of the sleeve head

When the size of the knitted canvas is 50-49-48-47-46-45 cm (for larger sizes, a shorter head is taken by hand, in the case of a long sleeve head, it greatly expands the shoulders)at the beginning of each row, close the hinges on both sides of the sleeve head: once closed 4 loops, then 2 loops on both sides to the corresponding length of 55 cm for all sizes (be sure that the pattern did not move when you closed the loops, loops that did not match the stocking), as a result, we close three loops on each side once before closing the remaining loops.

The size of the linked web will be approximately 56 cm in all sizes.

Jacket assembly

Stitch shoulder seams. Sew the back seam on the collar, pososadiv sew to the back of the jacket. Sew the bottom seams of the sleeves. Sewing buttons.

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