Extremely thinner Ilana Yurieva told about diet after giving birth

The star of the Ural ravioli is so slim that its fans began to worry about her health. Diana's two-year-old mom told Woman’s Day how she managed to achieve such an impressive shape.
Ilana Yurieva

- Humor in my life is very important, but I reacted to pregnancy with all the responsibility! Perhaps this played a role, since 9 months in waiting for Diana passed for me quite easily. She managed to rehearse and perform and travel.

In the third trimester, she stopped going on stage - but then a barrage of filming began for editions dedicated to future moms. I acted with pleasure both for myself and for the press. I was a real beauty during this period, I felt comfortable, and everyone complimented me!

But, as in the fairy tale about Cinderella, only the chimes struck midnight, as the magic dissipated. After giving birth, I had all the signs of depression amid discontent with myself.The fact is that during pregnancy I ate everything that my soul wanted without restrictions: bread, cookies, and chocolate. I felt relaxed and peaceful. When she came to the restaurant, she said: "I, please, hurry up the bread basket and oilcake." The husband laughed at me, said: “You are such a profitable wife, you can be taken to the most expensive restaurants. You only have a basket of bread, and you are pleased. ” I did not have a single day of toxemia, probably because I ate well. But if I do not eat tight, then I felt bad. In the end, I gained 20 kilograms, but I did not worry at all, I knew that I would drop them anyway.

Ilana Yurieva lost weight
Photo: @ ilana7788

After birth, it was minus 7 kilograms, although the stomach was reduced for a long time. Yes, and the state of the body as a whole ... In general, it was terrible! Whole 13 extra pounds! And after 3 months I needed to be removed, which means I needed to quickly recover my form.

I worried, I felt ugly, despite all the attempts of her husband to dissuade me of this. Since the first month of sport was strictly tabooed, I turned to the masseurs for help. Fortunately, I didn’t have a shortage of assistants - both newly minted grandmothers were happy to help romp with Diana, and dad often stayed with her.

Of course, it was not done without revising my diet, and here I can confidently say that the best diet after childbirth is the diet of a nursing mother! I had to be strict with myself, but this was the only way to return to the right form in a short time. Ate so that the baby had no colic. Refused fruit, ate vegetables, fish and chicken, steamed. In general, a fairly strict diet. And the most difficult was to refuse coffee. Saw only tea.

But any diet is a temporary measure: when it ends, the weight returns even in larger size. And there is only one way out - always eat right. Now I eat five times a day in small portions and do not have a snack on the run. Refused sugar, replacing it with honey - good, the husband’s company produces 13 whole varieties of this useful product, and I have something to choose from. I carefully watch the amount of salt in the food: in our family, it is customary to take meals on purpose. In the evening we will have supper, but we choose light food.

Ilana Yurieva lost weight
Photo: archives of press services

If you need to quickly get in shape, then the best way for me is fasting days. I use protein unloading: all day you need to eat only protein foods.For breakfast, two boiled eggs, for lunch - chicken breast, for an afternoon snack - cottage cheese, for dinner - low-fat yogurt. You can also eat cucumbers and tomatoes. In no case do not use spices, sauces, salt - all this retains water in the body. In this way, you remove excess fluid from the body.

The next day, you can not pounce on the food immediately: add to the protein set of 1-2 additional product. On the third day, I gradually return to normal food, but I try not to eat enough. Taboo imposed on all the flour, sweet and salty. Next weekend I’ll definitely go to the bathhouse: it gives a stunning effect! Russian bath helps not only to fix the result, but also to remove excess liquid and remove up to 2 kg of weight. A pleasant bonus will be the glitter in the eyes, the blush on the cheeks and the good condition of the skin and hair.

By the way, if you go to the bath for the first time, consult with the bathers and follow all his recommendations. And then you will most likely want to eat, but you need to control yourself: the maximum that you can allow is vegetable salad and herbal teas.

And there is another drink that I will recommend to you: hot water, grated ginger and lemon.When the drink has cooled slightly, add a spoonful of honey - it is important not to put it directly in boiling water, so as not to kill the beneficial properties of this sweetness.

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