Family budget: learn to distribute


At the beginning of family life, some try not to think about the financial side of the issue. But now people have to live together under the same roof, pay bills, save money for goals, etc. Easy it seems at first. In fact, a considerable part of conflicts and quarrels arise on financial grounds. How to avoid this fate? How to manage to distribute the common money?

In a situation if one of the partners contains the other, not so difficult. Usually, the one who contains, that also disposes of means. The second half remains the fate of the “accountant”, but she herself cannot accept the decisions. And when both earn, the situation becomes much more complicated. Who will have to pay bills for an apartment? For whose money to buy equipment? How to make a uniform budget?

Typical family budget allocation

The distribution of the family budget often occurs in a typical way. Consider one situation that you can easily see in your family or with friends.So, payday comes. This “holiday” is usually celebrated, at a minimum, by the purchase of delicacies, and the maximum is the party or gatherings in the cafe. Yes, and the baby is important to pamper something.

Error one. Most of the treasury is spent on their own needs on the first day. Then everyone remembers that there are debts on payments for an apartment that need to be repaid while the money is available, at least a part, because you still have to live until your next salary.

Family budget: learn to distribute

Error two. Money to pay the debt is not taken immediately. There is little, and ahead of a month until the next paycheck, have something to eat, feed their children. People are trying to reduce current expenses to the maximum. Money, except for food, is not enough for anything. But even the products buy only those without which it can not do.

Error three. Uneven division of funds for personal needs for a month. And here there is a "force majeure": someone gets sick, something breaks, guests come. All requires funds, serious for the treasury, which are no longer there ... We have to borrow or go to the bank for a loan. Such actions only aggravate the situation.

Error four.In the family treasury there is no reserve, which causes the formation of debt in a force majeure situation. So, in the new month the load on the treasury grows even more serious due to the occurrence of additional debts and payments. And if this situation happens again? Debts will become even more serious, and you will gradually slide into a debt trap.

Will the people who distribute funds so, once get out of a similar pit? To collect funds that will provide additional income? Save money for repairs, travel, etc.? Hardly. Therefore, it is important to think about how to distribute your funds, change your habitual structure, and avoid such mistakes.

But financial experts have identified 3 more basic systems of building the family treasury. Let's consider each separately.

Independent family budget

With a similar sample of the family budget in the family, everyone disposes of his earnings to his court. This model is suitable for those who have an equal income, if life has just begun together, as well as for those for whom independence is important.

If there is a demand to cover common expenses, then the pair "adds up". But since this happens situationally and not constantly, often the total costs are paid for the funds of the one who has money at that time. As a result, insults and quarrels occur.

First, the couple is required to sit down and talk. It is important for them to calculate the amount of expenses and divide by 2. In addition, it is required to deal with serious purchases in the same way. At the same time, let, as before, the one who has funds at that moment pays for it, but then the second one has a “debt” increase, it will be “paid off” by new total expenses.

Solidarity family budget

This system in the family budget is also often found. Even before the marriage, the couple plans to spend the next month, and pays for it together. This model implies that people create a common “pot”. But, the one who receives a high salary, and gives a serious sum for general expenses. Such a model is suitable when the salary of one exceeds the salary of another.

Using a joint scheme gives everyone a chance to feel like a participant in creating a budget. But on the other hand gives a certain autonomy in the costs. By the way, on such systems they are attracted to replenishing the budget of children, if they have, even if small, earnings. It will prepare for life in the adult world.

Joint family budget

This scheme of the family budget is most attractive for the newlyweds.Everything happens like this: the income is put in one “pot”, and then together decide on what to spend the money on. It is curious that with such an approach, the family, and not one of its members, has free money. They are spent on folding in the bank, an investment or the creation of a reserve.

Family budget: learn to distribute

It turns out that this approach is more correct. But there are also disadvantages. This budget does not mean that you have to renounce independence. Everyone has their own desires, and require satisfaction without the permission of a partner. Lack of your money deprives you not just the usual joys, but the chances to please your loved ones with pleasant trifles and surprises.

In such a situation, it is worth considering an additional cost item in the treasury: personal needs. These are the funds that people spend on their court. Ideally, this article does not exceed 20-30% of the total amount, then the budget will be reasonably distributed.

How to plan a family budget

If you still do not know how to plan a family budget, then consider the basic rules. Rule number 1 - pay yourself. At first, you need to postpone at least 10% for any money receipts and not spend anything. That you pay yourself personally.This is the capital of your family, which is increasing and growing. Those funds that remain are temporarily owned by you. You will pay for the required goods and services.

The main monetary problem of young couples is the lack of a deferred amount. People are not able to save money because they first pay for expenses and try to save the rest. But this will not happen, because all the money goes. It is important to develop a habit - to postpone at least 10%, and to spend the rest - 90%. You do not remember that these 10% were originally. It is better to put in a savings deposit.

Rule two - the priority of spending. It is necessary to decide what role plays for you and what does not. That is, it is required to allocate funds for urgent expenses, and what remains is not too urgent. The order is as follows:

Make a list of the importance of spending. Among the cost items for the new month, write the spending in ascending order of value. In the beginning, mandatory spending (payment of bills, clothing, shoes, travel) is written. Without them, can not do. They are often regular, repeated every month. They require the same amount. So you can plan in advance how much money will be needed next month;
set aside funds for urgent expenses separately. Divide into articles. To do this, get the envelopes and sign.Convenient and folder with files;
leave 5-10% on force majeure situations. Usually, every month there are such situations when expenses are required, but they are urgent and out of place: treatment, repair, etc. This can not be foreseen. They are also required and it is necessary to enter it into the treasury in advance. If the problem does not happen, the money will not be needed for anything, you will have time to spend or postpone it;
planned costs. There are such. They are not mandatory, but are tied to the date, the size is known in advance (a serious purchase, birthday, trip, etc.). It is important to consider this when planning expenses;
count the remainder;
Spread the balance on optional waste. Such expenses are desirable. This is what you want to purchase, but not too urgent. This is the cost of a hobby, pleasant things. They appreciate the style and quality of life. It is important to carefully review this category of spending. Some will not be too necessary.

Family budget: learn to distribute

Rule number 3 - control costs with optimization and savings. Savings are cost reduction and eliminating unnecessary. The goal is to get more in a low amount. It is important to be able to save through the use of special methods - the acquisition of services and goods for the action, the rejection of unnecessary things, bad habits, etc.

Optimization is considered to be the correct redistribution of spending on articles with the least loss of quality of life. Thus, if you do not have enough money for some expenses, then you should not deny them, but only trim down a few other articles.

So, to summarize, how to draw up a family budget:

count all the profits;
set aside 10% of yourself from the funds received;
make a list of urgent expenses (from indispensable to non-urgent);
Set aside an amount for essential and recurring costs. Such expenses are divided, if desired, into articles (utilities, food, transportation, personal needs, pocket money, etc.);
add 5-10% of the amount of unforeseen expenses, force majeure;
set aside funds for planned expenses;
Spread the remaining amount to other items that do not belong to the mandatory;
use methods of improvement and savings for the budget.

Thus, you need to get at least 5 envelopes and sign: "To yourself", "Indispensable expenses", "Scheduled expenses", "Force Majeure", "Desirable expenses". Now distribute funds to them.

Urgent expenses are divided into special items, i.e. make an envelope for each (food, internet, travel, communal, etc.). All at the personal discretion. The main thing is to remember about 10% and sudden expenses.Deferred money is the foundation, airbag, and the inclusion of force majeure in the plan will make them not so terrible.

Knowing how to make and distribute joint treasury, you will get a chance to balance spending and income, to save the family from debt and credit.

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