Felt phone holder

Materials and tools:

  1. felt of different colors;
  2. scissors, pencil;
  3. needles and thread;
  4. glue gun.

Step 1

First, draw on paper a sketch of the future phone holder. Now cut 2 large ovals of dark gray felt and cut a hole in the top for the charger plug. Then we cut out a pocket for the phone in the form of a half-wad of light gray felt. From the rags of felt (or other fabric) we cut out the decoration elements for the holder.

We will sew decorations to the pocket and the outer large oval (we glue the threads).

Step 2

Let's put together 2 dark gray ovals and pockets and sew together a secret or obmetochny stitch. In the same way, we sew the charging hole.

The holder for the phone made of feltis ready.

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