Figures from concrete

Having decided to decorate their garden, many decide to get garden sculptures. Having bought a couple of interesting specimens, several dwarfs, a hedgehog and a hare, the desire to do something with their own hands wakes up. For these purposes it is not necessary to buy expensive molds. You can make figures with the help of available tools. We suggest you start your creative activity with mushrooms, which everyone can do. So, you will need: • Sand; • Cement; • Glue for laying tiles Ceresit, Moment or other brands; • Rubber ball (you can take the old one or buy the cheapest one); • Plastic 2-liter bottle from soda or beer. • Metal bar or fittings.
Cut the rubber ball into two parts. Next, take a bucket and pour sand into it. In the sand we make a notch and place a half of the rubber ball in it. If you just put the ball on the ground, then on the top of the future mushroom cap there will be an ugly fold-dent.
 make the form
Now it's time to make a concrete mix.To do this, you need to take sand, cement and glue for laying tiles or glue to reinforce or glue polystyrene foam plates. Glue is necessary for the mixture to be more plastic and durable, and later did not crack. The proportion is: 1/2 of sand, 1/4 of glue and 1/4 of cement. When you add water, you should not pour too much, because the consistency should not be too liquid.
 fill the solution
Fill the half of the rubber ball to the brim with the resulting mixture of concrete and leveling. We take a plastic bottle cut from two edges and deepen it in the center by one centimeter into the filled half of the ball. We insert the fittings so that it connects the bottle (the leg of the mushroom) and the half of the ball (the cap of the mushroom). It is time to fill the concrete cylinder with a cylinder made of a plastic bottle. After all that has been done, let the product dry.
 Figures from concrete
Rubber ball can be removed the next day, in order for the mushroom cap to dry out faster, and the mushroom stem should be in a plastic cylinder for at least three days.After this period, it is necessary to take a construction knife and cut a plastic cylinder, freeing the leg of the fungus. Now it is necessary that the freed leg of the fungus, while in the open state, dries well.
 Figures of concrete
Here you need to make a little explanation. When the ball is removed, the cap of the mushroom will already keep its shape well, but it will be still damp and pliable to make some adjustments. Using a spatula, it is recommended to slightly round the edges of the cap of the mushroom. If in a cap of a mushroom or a leg insignificant voids are formed on the surface, then they should be filled with a solution. After the mushroom dries well and petrifies, it must be opened with a primer. The primer will protect the mushroom from various weather phenomena, and will also provide an excellent basis for further coloring.
 Figures from concrete
Different materials can be used as paints: paint in cans, oil paint, acrylic paint, etc. If you want your mushroom to shine in the sun, then you can open it after staining with a layer of varnish.Mushrooms can be dyed in various ways. If you make a red hat and white circles on it, then you will have a very interesting, fabulous fly agaric. If the cap of the mushroom is brown, then you will get a little pickle. If you want something unusual, then you can gild the mushroom cap with a can of gold paint. And if you like the idea of ​​a fly agaric, you can paint the mushroom cap red, and in the store you can buy glass pebbles in white and stick them with glue.
 Figures from concrete
Figures from concrete
Mushrooms look when they are represented by a group. It is desirable that the mushrooms have a different size, then it will doubly give them realism. For mushrooms of various sizes, balls of different diameters and different capacities of plastic bottles are necessary.
 Figures from concrete

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