Folk remedies to improve immunity for adults and children

Most often, people remember about immunity in the autumn and spring periods. It was at this time that numerous epidemics occur, and chronic diseases are exacerbated. To change the seasons passed unnoticed, begin to strengthen the immune system of folk remedies in advance.
How to improve immunity
How to improve immunity
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Enhance immunity for adults

Sometimes even those who "never get sick." Wet feet, being in the same room with a colleague who has fallen asleep, or sleeping under an open window can easily put a girl in the bed, whose immunity is weakened. To feel safe, do not rush to the pharmacy for fashionable medicines. Increase immunity with knowledge accumulated by ancestors.

First, include in the diet foods that are tasty natural immunostimulants. Make sure that carrots, fresh herbs, zucchini / squash, broccoli, pumpkin are frequent guests on your table.Of protein products, salmon has the best effect on immunity. When cooking, use olive oil, and salad, season with lemon juice. Every evening, drink warm tea with a few tablespoons of honey (remember that in very hot water the beneficial trace elements of honey lose their properties).

Honey is a great tasty remedy of traditional medicine. It will raise the immune system, help relieve fatigue and will promote good rest. But a sound sleep is a sure remedy for many diseases.

Pay special attention to physical activity. For immunity to be strong, it is necessary to perform a complex of simple physical exercises every day. Stretching, yoga, pilates, etc. are perfect for this purpose. Try to walk more and spend time outdoors. Do not forget to air the living space.

Effective recipes of traditional medicine

Some folk remedies for good immunity are not only useful, but also tasty. For example, such is a special compote of herbs and berries.

To prepare it you need:

  • grass of lemon balm, mint, willow
  • dry chestnut flowers
  • frozen / dried berries

To begin with, boil a kilogram and a half of ice cream / 0.5 kg of dried berries in two liters of water. For example, fit currant, cherry, wild rose, strawberry. In equal proportions mix herbs and chestnut. Take 5 spoons of the created mixture and fill with one liter of boiling water. Turn on the low fire, put a container on it and let it boil. Leave the mixture for two hours: it should be infused. Strain the resulting liquid and pour it into the compote. Adults per day is enough 2 glasses of drink, for children - one.

One more folk remedy will appeal to all generations. In a blender, chop a pound of walnuts and mix with 300 g of honey. From the four lemons squeeze the juice, add to it 100 ml of aloe juice. Connect both parts, close the dishes tightly and leave in a warm dark place for a day.

At the initial stage of the disease, be sure to purchase special herbal preparations at the pharmacy Today they are sold in directions directly in bags-filters. You just need to brew

Quick ways to strengthen the immune system

If the period of epidemics comes, urgent measures are needed to strengthen the immune system. The best way is a vitamin attack.

Cook for her:

  • 1 kg of cranberries
  • 2 medium lemons
  • a glass of honey

Cranberries and lemons (straight with the peel) grind in a meat grinder. Add honey to the mixture, mix everything until smooth. Take a healthy "jam" twice a day, 2-3 teaspoons. This tool will appeal to both your child and you.

Unfortunately, immunity does not always cope with the surging bacterial attack. When you wake up in the morning, you may feel pain / sore throat. Effectively get rid of it will help you onion syrup. Finely chop 2-3 large onions, add 200-300 grams of sugar and half a liter of water. Let the mixture stand for a while, then place on the stove. Turn on low fire and wait for a light thickening. A day is enough to take three tablespoons.

Strengthen immunity by popular methods
How to strengthen the immune system folk remedies
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Additional procedures to strengthen the immune system

Only balsams, decoctions and tinctures will not help the immune system. Additional procedures are necessary for quality strengthening. The main thing is hardening. It must be carried out at any age. In this case, it is better not to drench, but to wipe with a terry towel: this way the blood will start to run faster through the body.First wet the towel in warm water, but lower the temperature every day.

The sea beach procedure will save you from frequent colds and throat diseases. For its implementation, you will need round / flat stones (they can be purchased at zoo or spa stores). Put them on the bottom of the bath. In boiling water, dissolve sea salt and a drop of vinegar. Pour a mixture of stones and every night "walk" on them for at least 5 minutes.

Wanting to strengthen the immune system, remember the benefits of aromatherapy

It is a universal remedy, safe for both children and adults. The main thing - use the correct oil. Cold aromas are perfectly combines the aromas of pine needles, cedar, mint, citrus. You can also safely apply the oils of pine, eucalyptus. Please note that pharmacies and specialty stores sell ready-made "anti-cold" mixtures.

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