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I broke up with the young man and still, willy nilly, I miss him. and earlier there were cases that I thought were strange, for example, do not sleep on your stomach, put two spoons of sugar in tea, not two. vk-enemy, instagram-enemy, because I'm a sort of *** star. (recorded). I've been crying every day lately, something was wrong anyway. sometimes it all started in the morning, sometimes in the evening, sometimes during his work. by the way. insults I heard and listened to the most different. I was told what I am ***, dumb. that I need to take it, he suffers me. two weeks ago, his mother called us on his brother's birthday, we came, I immediately began to help dogcat, carry food, set the table, serve it, carry chairs ... after a great evening, when we got home, he told me so that when he takes me next time, I don't eat so much. honestly taken aback. for a long time trying to digest everything (puns arrived). I ate what was put in a small plate for everyone — some potatoes and chicken, chicken and 3 slices of red pepper. I am a thin girl. when I told him that he had eaten and everything was in order, he noticed that this was his second home, and here I was nobody.After this statement, I expressed a desire to leave both houses at once. I was told that they were parting with me, that even if I was looking for another person who I would eat, I was an elephant. on top of that, when I was already leaving with things, they told me that I was going for a long time, really because I was eating myself, it went so slowly. Yes, at that moment in time, he bought home food and he reproached me with this, how can I consider him greedy and so if he buys food and feeds me !!! Girls, if you were in such a situation (she is mega ***, but imagine), what would you do? I blame myself for everything.


Good day!

Judging by your description, you are dealing with either a “toxic” person, or one who is absolutely not interested in you.

And here it makes sense to ask yourself a series of questions:

What motivates me to be with this person?

What value is this person to me?

I develop thanks to him?

What does this person give me?

Is the balance of "take-give"?

After meeting with this person, what emotions do I have?

Is there any encroachment on my borders?

For starters, you can read the book E.Maureen "13 cases: that mentally healthy people never do" or google the Internet with a search - toxic people.

With respect to you and your experience,

Dubrovskaya O.V.

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