Forgot mail password: what to do?

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Forgot mail password: what to do?

Most people in the process of personal and business communication are actively using modern technologies for the exchange of information using the capabilities of the Internet. To do this, simply get yourself a mailbox on one of the special services (the most common - mail, yandex, rambler). Using e-mail, you can instantly send information to any part of the world and receive answers to it.

Protection of personal correspondence from outsiders is a password that the user invents himself when registering. Most often, a password is a meaningless combination of letters and numbers. It must be memorized or written down. But if you forgot your mail password, what should I do?

Password recovery methods

Let's look at how to recover an email password using specific examples of how the Yandex.Mail service works. If you entered the wrong password, Yandex will not allow you to access the email account and will display the message “Invalid login-password pair”.You understand that the exact combination of characters, which is a pass to the mailbox, has been erased from your memory, and you also forgot to write it down. In this case, you can refer to the link "Recover password", which is located at the bottom of the box in the box. Clicking on the link will take you to the access recovery page.

Enter your email address and captcha in the special fields. Yandex will offer you a password recovery method.

  • If you, when registering, specify your mobile phone number as additional information, Yandex will ask you to enter it again and send the access recovery code to the phone. Using the code, you can create a new one in exchange for the old forgotten password.
  • If you specified a code word when registering, you will need to enter this word to be able to restore access.
  • If you registered your alternative email addresses when registering with Yandex.Mail, the service will ask you to duplicate them and send the code to your other mail.

In most cases, it is possible to restore access to mail in 1-5 minutes. If independent attempts to get a new password were unsuccessful, contact technical support.

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