Fragrant Tildo Bear

Sometimes, going to someone for a visit or for a birthday, we very long reflect on what to give. It often happens that this person already has everything they need. At such moments, help out ideas for gifts made with their own hands. They may not be expensive or chic, but always sweet, kind, and creating comfort. One of these ideas can be a fragrant tildo - a bear, hand-sewn. It is not difficult to make it, and if you have children, they can also take part. So, for the bear we will need: • Fabric (ideally, sacking or two-thread, if not, then you can use flax or cotton) • • Filler (holofiber, synthetic winterizer, sintepuh) • Needle and thread • • Scissors • Tea brewing • Instant coffee• Cocoa powder • Vanillin • Brush • Pen and paper
 will be needed for cooking
1) On paper, draw a sketch of a bear cub. Immediately mark the place from where we will fill the toy with padding polyester and cut it out.
 draw a sketch
2) Apply the pattern to the fabric, we trace and cut, leaving seam allowances of 0.5 cm around the perimeter of the toy.
 Putting a pattern
3) We fold the patterns face-to-face. On a sewing machine or manually sew halves of a bear. Do not forget to leave a small hole for eversion and cut the allowances in the rounded places on the paws so that the seams do not then fray.  Fold Patterns
4) Now we turn the toy and fill it with sintepon, carefully tamping with a stick or pencil. Straightening the filler, and making sure that there are no irregularities, sew the hole with a secret seam.  fill with padding polyester 5) The next step is to paint the bear cub. To do this, mix coffee, tea leaves, cocoa and vanilla. Very easy, almost without pressing, with a brush, apply the mixture to the fabric.
 painting a bear cub
6) After painting in a corner of a bear cub, make a loop and hang it in the oven. It takes about 10 minutes on a quiet fire.You must make sure that the bear is not burnt.
 hang to dry
7) Once the bear has dried, you can draw a little face to it. Acrylic paints are ideal, but you can use the usual waterproof eyeliner. And now our bear is ready to delight the coffee and chocolate aroma of the new mistress.
 Fragrant tilde bear
PS And if we put it near the pillow at night, then only pleasant and kind dreams will be dreamed.
 bear with your hands

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