How to make a frog out of paper?

How to make a paper frog?How do I make it out of paper?

Also helps to create a better direction for children. Children in love. Therefore, here we consider how to create a frog out of paper. We will look at 2 popular ways.

An unusual frog will be admire. This frog can also jump. And this property can be used for games. For example, whose frog jumps further - he won. It can be a jump.

you can use special origami sheets.

 make it out of paper?

1. Take a square sheet. Turn it out.

2. Rectangle bend in half and straighten. This is necessary to chart a line in the middle.

3. On the square above it should be noted. Bend it bend and bend it. Get in the square. It’s a little bit more fun to do so.

4. From the bottom of the square. the diagonals are bent away from themselves, and the side lines are towards themselves.

5. Fold the triangle.

6. At the bottom of the bottom of the sides.

7. Bend the bottom half in half.

8. At the bottom it looks like a boat.

9. Lower down the ends.

10. On the upper triangle, lift the ends.

11. Lift up.

12. Turn the frog over. So she jumped - ledge and release.

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