Furniture hinges

In order for the furniture not only to look spectacular, but also last more than one decade, it is extremely important to use high-quality and reliable fasteners. Extremely important role in achieving this goal is played by hinges for furniture - functional devices, the main task of which is a movable fixation of the facade to the body, opening the doors at a specific angle. You will find the largest catalog of furniture hinges at

A few decades ago, in the post-Soviet space, furniture hinges did not differ in constructive diversity — in the overwhelming majority of cases, a four-link hinge was used, as a rule. They differed in their low performance characteristics, questionable quality and impracticality. But in recent years, with the introduction of Western technologies to the furniture market, the situation has changed dramatically: the range of quality and technological furniture fittings has expanded.

Modern furniture loops are designed for tens of thousands of open-close working cycles.Non-standard constructive solutions are used to implement bold design ideas. Four-hinged furniture hinges are rightfully considered to be a universal and optimal solution for fastening mobile elements of facades, and for non-standard tasks, designers offer the buyer even complex fixtures with mechanical and electric closers.

Four hinges for furniture allow you to achieve the opening angle of the door from 90 to 170 degrees. Structurally, they resemble a frog (due to which the people got the corresponding name). Proceeding from the name, the loop consists of 4 hinges and a device with a spring. It is fixed to the mounting plate with a solid base, and the cup is installed in a hole previously made for its dimensions. Fasteners can be either screws or screws.

Furniture hinges, in addition to the above, can be:

  • Invoices;
  • Semi-Folded;
  • Internal (supplementary);
  • Corner;
  • Inverse;
  • Card;
  • Lomber;
  • Figured;
  • Secret;
  • Adits (deaf);
  • Pendulum (bar);
  • Piano, etc.

And this is not all varieties. But you can safely come to the conclusion that modern furniture hinges are a piece of engineering art that reliably and efficiently cope with the tasks assigned to them. It is easy to choose the right model - the main thing is to know for what purposes this type of hardware is planned to be used.

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