Furniture made in Russia

Russia produces furniture for any purpose. Many factories throughout the country are engaged in the production of interior items for offices, offices, kitchens, bedrooms.

The range of domestic furniture includes:

  • tables;
  • chairs and chairs
  • headsets
  • cabinets and cabinets;
  • Beds;
  • sofas.

According to publicly available statistics, obtained from the analysis of the Russian market, at the moment 55% of the total sales are foreign-made furniture. Domestic counterparts are somewhat less popular - they only buy it in 45% of cases. Nevertheless, experts notice that the demand for Russian furniture is gradually increasing. Predicts that in 2 years she will provide more than half of total sales.

The reasons for the growing popularity of domestic furniture are:

  • low cost;
  • improving the quality of Russian products;
  • imposing sanctions on imported goods.

In addition, foreign experts note the success of the policy of the Russian furniture factories, as well as the high efficiency of marketing promotion of their products.

Used Materials

In Russia, various materials, both natural and artificial, are used today for the manufacture of products.

The first type includes: natural wood, leather, felt (felt), woven materials from sheep wool, vegetable fillers (coconut fiber, sisal). Unfortunately, due to the high cost, they are used quite rarely. Of natural materials, elite furniture is manufactured, which is furnished by offices of managers at enterprises, the rooms of prestigious hotels. The main advantage of products is refined appearance, quality, environmental friendliness.

Artificial materials, which include various plastics, sintepon, foam rubber, glued and pressed wood, veneer, are used much more often. Artificial materials have high strength, durability, and at the same time have an affordable price.

Furniture exhibition

Furniture-2016 Exhibition

On the eve of winter, from 21 to 25 November, the 28th international exhibition Furniture 2016 will be held in the capital of Russia for the 28th time. The venue was well-known in wide circles of the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

This year the exhibition will be visited by leading figures from 27 countries. Russia at this event will present the most successful furniture factories. In addition to manufacturers, famous designers, suppliers of raw materials and equipment, investors will take part in the exhibition.

The organizers urge all interested residents and guests of Moscow not to miss this event, because only here they will be given the opportunity to learn new knowledge and make profitable deals.

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