Furniture tours to China

Chinese style in the interior is a fashionable trend One of the most striking and fashionable trends in interior design is the Chinese-style decor. Modern designers often resort to this style in the design of residential premises, cafes, restaurants, hotel rooms and halls. The rich ancient culture of this nation captivates and fascinates with its philosophy and color.

In Chinese style, they decorate not one room, but a whole cottage. Not so long ago, this trend was considered exotic, so they decorated one of the rooms in the house as a “highlight”. Now the owners of their own homes prefer to arrange the entire room, from the entrance to the roof. Chinese furniture is very practical and durable. In addition, much cheaper than European. Therefore, such an interior style is not only elegant, but also economically justified. How to arrange a room in Chinese style The most important condition for compliance with this area is natural materials. Furniture, carpets, textiles should only be made from natural fabrics, wood and so on.Only Chinese masters can observe features of national furniture, furnish or ware. Our craftsmen, of course, can do anything. But to convey the very cultural and philosophical content they can not do. Therefore, furniture must be purchased from Chinese manufacturers. The walls of the room are finished with bamboo or wallpaper made from natural material. For the zoning of the room are used curtains and wooden screens. The colors of the Chinese emperors: red and gold. You can arrange a room in this color scheme. But modern design works also allow other colors. A prerequisite for maintaining the style is the interior elements, such as garlands, flashlights, tassels, ceramic objects in the national style, the use of Chinese inscriptions and patterns, Chinese masks, bamboo ornaments. A trip to China The best way to learn and feel the true Chinese style is to go to this country yourself. An independent trip is fraught with problems and troubles that can happen in an unfamiliar country, where English is spoken very poorly, and even in Russian - all the more. The biggest danger of an independent shopping tourlies in the fact that not all manufacturers in China are distinguished by decency and honest partnerships. In addition, purchasing furniture and other items, you will need to ship them through customs, drawing up a huge number of documents, and in Chinese. Furniture tours to China There is such a service - furniture tours to China. They are intended for those who want to purchase furniture and various interior items in this country. This is done by companies with an office and warehouse in China. A client who has entered into an agreement with such a company receives an air ticket and a booked hotel room to choose from. With the receipt of a visa, of course, assistance is provided. A client who has flown to the PRC is met by a manager and delivered to a hotel. The next day, a round of shops, visiting exhibition centers, meetings with manufacturers, selection and ordering of furniture and other goods begins. After everything that is needed is selected and ordered, the customer goes home. All the concerns about the delivery, storage, design are taken by the company that organized the shopping tour. Purchasing specialists in China from Asiamebeltur have repeatedly proved their competence in this matter.Thousands of satisfied customers and positive feedback after trips are the most reliable guarantee that your furniture tour will be wonderful. It will give you the opportunity to purchase the necessary furniture, interior items, dishes, textiles and even art objects from the manufacturer with comfort and without any problems. You will bring home a piece of this ancient culture, and beautifully design your home.

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