Garden crafts: 10 best workshops

Crafts for the garden with their own hands can bring you great pleasure. Choose the figure that best suits your character and the design of your garden. let's try to make garden figurines of cement with our own hands. The process is surprisingly not as difficult as it seems. But the result is really surprising!

See what beautiful flower containers can be made from cement mortar and old rags. Here really, crafts from scrap materials!

Decorative openwork ball of cement.

For work we need a cement solution - we knead a thick solution of 1 part of sand, 1 part of cement.

We immerse a rope in the solution, it can also be strips of old t-shirts, etc. Inflate the balloon, prepare a stand for it where it will dry. This may be a regular bucket.Wrap the ball with a rope in the cement mortar.

After the solution dries, blow the ball with a needle. All! Our garden art object is ready. You can paint, at will.

Original crafts for the garden of cement.

Agree, like dragon eggs)) We will do this out of cement.

We take all the same balloon and cover it with cement mortar. Here you can add a tablespoon of gypsum to the solution, but you have to work quickly.

After the solution dries, remove the ball and paint the inside of the egg. You can use it as an easter decor in the country - by making a floral arrangement of primroses in it.

Crafts for the garden. Garden gnomes with their own hands from cement.

These cute garden gnomes are also made very simple.

For the gnome, we need cement, a metal rod, a stocking, and ropes. We pour the cement solution into the stocking, for the fortress we insert metal reinforcement into it. Spinning the rope, form the noses, legs. Do not forget about the beard - this is an additional piece of material under the nose of a gnome. Hang the gnome by the top of the cap and leave to dry.

When the cement is dry, remove the gnome and polish the top with a more liquid cement solution with gypsum. We look forward to when the gnome is dry and can be tinted or painted. Handsome, isn't it?

Garden fountain with leaves.

We will not talk about the principles of creating a fountain in the country.This topic is a separate article, and you can read it in detail here. We will make leaves from cement.
We need a fairly large sheet, and with the help of cement, we form a copy of it.

After drying, the sheet can be worked out in more detail and paint.

And you will become, almost free of charge, the owner of such a beautiful fountain.

Original flower gardens do it yourself.

Are you not a sculptor at all? But believe me, you can make these original flower containers.

We need a plastic container, foam, reinforcing mesh. We make a cement solution by adding a spoonful of gypsum directly into the palm with a solution and so we form our "sculpture"

But not all of us are fans of modern abstract art. But you can easily make crafts for the garden in a classic style.

But, since you are not a sculptor yet, you need a pattern - it may well be an old doll.

Since it will be not just a decorative garden figurine, but a flower garden in the form of a girl’s head, the upper part needs to be cut off.

Then the head is painted. In order to give the texture the pattern is painted first with a dark gray paint. Allow to dry and apply a layer of lighter paint.After drying, light strokes are applied with light strokes.

This is a very simple process, and all the samples of this style that you see in the article are made by adolescents in a lesson of work.

Beautiful crafts for the garden. Garden figures do it yourself.

For those who liked the process of making handicrafts made of concrete, we will also tell you just a stunning technique to create garden figures.

Yes, we will need an old doll again!

First, we strengthen the doll with hot glue and bamboo sushi sticks on a heavy stand. By the way, we can also make it from cement. cut out angel wings from foam, fasten with hot glue to the doll. Let's give the doll a new dress and, with the help, smears of hot glue create a more interesting texture on the wings and hairstyle.

We coat our template with a solution of cement with plaster. We paint

Now, with the help of old toys, you can make almost any garden figurine yourself.

Cat flower bed.

This funny cat-flowerbed is made of plastic bottle and cement.We will need: cement, sand, plaster, water, a large plastic bottle, wire, paint, wooden slats, varnish.

The owner of this cat, Koneva Natasha, will tell us how to make such a funny figure with her own hands. We cut a plastic bottle - this capacity will be our flower garden. In order for the cement not to crawl off the plastic, we thicken it with wire. We knocked out of the rails wooden frame. Fasten our plastic container to it.

Knead the cement mortar consistency of thick cream at the rate of 1 part sand, 1 part cement. We will add gypsum only to the finished portion, which is in our hand, because mortar with gypsum freezes instantly. We work in rubber gloves.

We take a handful of mortar in our hand and add a tablespoon of gypsum to it. We knead in hands, we roll sausage and fasten it to the frame. So step by step impose portions of the solution on each other, creating the necessary convexity and smoothing the surface.

We mold our cat's face from small balls of solution in much the same way as we sculpted from clay in childhood. In order for small parts to hold on better, before attaching them to the body, we lubricate the surface of the figure with water.

Wet hand polish the surface of our garden figures.To dry the figure we cover with cellophane for 3-4 days. On the first day, the figure must be periodically further moistened with water. After drying, sand the surface with sandpaper.

It is possible to paint such a figure with water-based paint, enamel, car paints. After painting we coat the surface with varnish. For the winter, the garden figure should be removed from the street, as from frost it can crack. Maybe you want to get yourself such a wonderful cat.
The great thing about cement figures is that they are cheap to make compared to garden figures made of metal or wood. You can start with simple crafts for the garden, which may be no less interesting than some particularly complex. You can combine cement with other materials. - for the face of this little garden fairy, the Ladybug took the head of an old doll.

How to effectively use crafts for the garden.

Plan in advance the location of the figures in the garden.So it will be easier for you to decide on the exact size and color of the garden figurine.

Decide what style your garden is.No matter how beautiful your garden crafts are, they should be designed in the same style.

Do not overload your garden crafts.A few simple but funny garden figures in the winning places of the garden will make a greater impression than an unreasoned mass of the most wonderful and interesting garden crafts.

Match the size of the figurine and the garden.Large open spaces require large figures. And small garden figures can be interestingly placed near tree trunks, near a small pond or fountain, along garden paths.

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