Get rid of the cuticles forever

When we cut the cuticle, it is very quickly regenerated, and it looks like her dogs were nibbling. If you forget about the implementation of this procedure for manicure, then it will have to do less and less. And just imagine how much money and time you will save.


This article will reveal all the secrets that are not in a hurry to speak manicurist. How to give little fingers a beautiful view and, most importantly, well-groomed, without trimming the cuticle.

1. The first stepOddly enough - to perform an ordinary cut manicure. And further, everything will depend only on your efforts.

2. Move the cuticle. Starting on the second day after the cut manicure was made (we hope that the last one), start proper care of your nails. Hands should be steamed. Arm yourself with a wooden stick and gently move the cuticle. This must be done even if the cuticle itself is almost invisible. Such manipulations do not allow it to grow fast. But when it appears (and this cannot be avoided), it is necessary not to cut it off, but to perform movements as if you are cleaning it. Such manipulations must be performed on the side of the nail plate.Such manipulations are required daily.

3. Use oil. Your constant companion for this period is cuticle oil. The cuticle must be processed several times a day, making a small massage with your fingers. In addition to the fact that in this way you soften the cuticle (even if it is dumb), it also improves blood flow, which will give even greater growth to the nails.

4. Get a hard file.To prevent burrs and rough skin, you need to get a tough file. To apply it on dry handles. Each finger must be processed gently, without touching the nail itself. And after a while, the first pleasant results will be visible - you no longer need to cut the skin. The file will get rid of it before it appears. And also, will prevent the occurrence of burrs, which are also not pleasant to anyone.

5. Combining manicure.Within a couple of weeks you must follow this instruction, which consists of simple steps. The cuticle will become thinner, softer, but such a period will be short so that it basically stops growing. It is time to go to a manicure specialist to perform the combined procedure.So, he will not remove the entire cuticle, but only some small parts that were still able to break through with such scrupulous care.

Further, the steps to get rid of the cuticle are repeated. The main thing to arm the main assistant is patience and discipline. Without the presence of these qualities, all the labor goes down the drain. Remember that moving the cuticle with a stick is necessary daily, otherwise the result will not be visible. And if you perform every day the simple steps described above, then literally in a month you will already forget about the trimmed manicure, and your fingers will be beautiful, well-groomed.

The main thing to remember about your goal, arm yourself with the necessary helpers and go ahead, not forgetting about daily procedures.

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