Gift box

Celebrations, events and occasions for presenting small tokens in the form of surprises or gifts are always enough on the calendar, but I want to make this process special, not trivial, along with a souvenir it is always pleasant to share a piece of your warmth. A gift for the eighth of March or Christmas, or maybe a pretty bauble on a beautiful morning or a romantic evening just for no reason can easily fit in a box “in five minutes,” for the manufacturing process that requires a minimum of effort, time and materials. Tools and materials at hand:
 Tools and materials at hand
wrapping paper; - stationery scissors; -simple pencil; - 5 minutes time no, a little zeal, positive mood;
 square of wrapping paper
If you have stocked up with everything you need to make a box,then we can safely proceed to the creative process - turning paper into a box “in five minutes.” Initially, we cut a square from wrapping paper. The sizes are set depending on the required size of the box. In our situation, the size of the lid is 19 * 19 cm. The total size of the box “in five minutes” is 6 * 6 cm.
 how the square is cut out
 bend all the corners of the square
After the square is cut, gently bend the corners to the center as shown in the photo below.
 bend all corners square
Along the course we bend all corners of the square to the center, repeating one by one actions, as in the photo below.
make two cuts
After bending, we make two notches as in the photo. Please note that the cuts are not made to the very middle. Be careful.
 we make two cuts
Our lid from the box is ready, now we will put everything in stages,we follow the process in the photo:
 step by step fold
 folding in stages
 fold the box
 box ready
So, the lid from the box is ready, now turn to making eniyu bottom - the bottom of the box, the bottom of the paper, we have one-color white. We are also doing everything in stages, we are only setting the dimensions smaller by 3-5 mm, in this case it’s 18.6 * 18.6mm.
go to making the bottom
box ready
Useful advice from the author: the box is planned to be made without glue, but in the case of the box in the photo, the corners and edges were sealed with glue for better strength. With self-made boxes, you will understand whether you need to glue the corners or not. The main thing is not to be afraid to try and experiment, the creative process is endless and beautiful, enjoy. You can decorate the box with a ribbon or braid, tying a bow or a knot.
gift box
The box" for five minutes "is ready, do not forget to fill it with your favorite sweets, put there a small souvenir or a cute bauble. The main thing is that together with the gift, the person for whom the box is intended will receive a piece of your soul and warmth! Do wonders with your own hands, all the best!
Gift box with your own hands

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