Gift selection

It's time to think about a gift? What could be better than jewelry, which will remind of its donor over the years and decades. Perhaps it will form the basis of family jewels that will be inherited - who knows? Therefore, to buy pendants for pendants, rings is a serious undertaking, to which you must approach responsibly.

It seems that it can be easier than buying earrings: you look at the shape and take the ones you like. But this amateurish reasoning, excusable except for men who never wore earrings! Earrings should be chosen based on the features of the oval face, its shape, eye color. For example, earrings with hanging elements are suitable for slender women with regular features, but for women with full round face they are contraindicated.

Similarly, it is not easy to choose a decoration for hands. It is not enough to buy diamond rings - it is important that they fit the woman. And for this they must meet the shape of hands - it is necessary to take into account the shape of the fingers, the length of the fingers. If the fingers are short, then massive rings with huge stones will look vulgar on them.In this case, the bet should be made on a thin ring with a small pebble or even without it. On excessively thin fingers, massive rings will also look bad, inorganic. They are good on the hands of the correct form with long nails. Small hands add elegance to thin rings with splashes of precious stones.

When choosing a chain, pendant, pendant, you also need to focus on the appearance of the woman and her age. The chains are short, around the neck are suitable for young women and are contraindicated for women of Balzac age - they draw attention to the neck, emphasizing both its virtues and, alas, its disadvantages. To attract attention to the wrinkles that appear to anything. Women aged suitable long chains. Elongated jewelry - pendants and pendants - visually lengthen the neck. They are suitable for those whose neck is rather short by nature.

Jewelery is chosen even for skin color and color type. Warm color type is ideal for gold, cold for silver. On the dark, tanned skin look great products from pink or white gold. Pale-skinned rare black gold with diamonds.

But, whatever is said and whatever rules exist, choose jewelry first of all, guided by love. Then there will be no problems - a loving heart will always prompt the right choice!

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