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It is pleasant to receive and give presents. With and without reason, a small souvenir is able to cheer up all day. Associated with them is the problem that many have encountered: what to give to a colleague, grandmother, boss, and so on.

Sometimes it seems that the addressee of our gift has everything and needs nothing more. In this case, it is worthwhile to present a pleasant souvenir that will be remembered. It is important to note that those surprises that are pleasant to women are not always pleasing men. Therefore, we consider male and female gifts separately.

Souvenirs for ladies

If the woman or girl who is going to give a gift is not very close to you (perhaps she’s your employee, classmate or yoga teacher), you shouldn’t give her personal hygiene items, perfumes or cosmetics. Firstly, because you can not be sure of her taste, and secondly, a woman can consider such a souvenir to be too familiar. This is perhaps the most important rule when choosing a gift.

A lady can get a cute notebook or a handy diary, especially if you know that it will be useful for her work.A photo album is suitable as a souvenir, because women like to admire themselves.

Girls will be delighted with such a gift as an unusual jewelry box, an elegant porcelain figurine or a beautiful vase.

The choice of a gift for a woman should be taken responsibly and bypass more than one gift shop in Novosibirsk, before you buy something.

Men's souvenirs

With gifts for men, the situation is simpler than with surprises for women. Young people, and older men are usually less whimsical. On the other hand, the representatives of the stronger sex are already tired of getting shaving kits and socks for every holiday!

A good gift for a man in a management position is a business card holder. The choice of this accessory on the market is large, besides, the card holder can be made to order with a pleasant inscription.

Smoking men love to get a good lighter or an unusual ashtray as a gift. And fans of watching football on TV would be nice to present a beer mug with the symbols of your favorite team.

It is said that men in the shower are still children, because even the most serious uncle can present table football or mini-billiards.

Gifts for the Home

There are situations when a gift should be addressed not to a specific person, but to a married couple. In such cases, a win-win is something for the home. Consider the souvenirs of this type.

A gift for the home is, above all, dishes and other items of kitchen utensils. Lovers can be given the same or comic cups, sets of plates or beautiful cutlery. If you roughly remember the interior of the kitchen, present a pair of wall clocks.

As home souvenirs, unusually decorated barometers, globes or maps, as well as bedside lamps or blankets are perfect.

When a gift is given, it is important to think: would it be nice to get such a thing to me? If your answer is positive, the recipient will definitely notice that you are giving from the heart.

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