Ginger Wrap

Ginger reduces aging of the skin, is a natural antiseptic, cleanses the skin and the last (most important) - breaks down subcutaneous deposits.
Wrap Mix Recipe:
Ginger root is crushed, added butter, milk or honey.
- Shower. In order to clear the skin of dirt and sweat.
- Scrub. One of the most important stages, since the shower cleans only superficially, scrubbing can achieve the best results.
- Serum. Apply anti-cellulite serum to the skin.
- wrapping. Apply the paste on the body, cover with a film and wrap with a blanket.
- Shower. Rinse off and apply a moisturizer.
Precautions and contraindications. It is worth to wait a little with a similar method if there are scratches, wounds and burns, during pregnancy or during lactation.
Prohibited procedure, if any:
- Kidney disease.
- Heart disease.
- Varicose veins.
- Gynecological diseases.
- Oncology.
- Inflammation.

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