Gorodets painting of a wooden bracelet

Wooden bracelets with paintings are one of the most unusual and beautiful jewelry. Most often, they attract the attention of non-standard performance. Today, such bracelets are at the height of fashion and are a desirable thing for almost any girl or woman. Of course, you can buy a finished product, painted in a particular style. However, it is much more pleasant to paint such a bracelet on your own - this will completely reflect the author's idea and create a truly unique thing. In this master class, it is proposed to paint a wooden bracelet using Gorodets painting technique. What you will need: 1) PVA glue or gelatin for primer. 2) Fine-grained emery paper. 3 ) Acrylic paints. 4) Gouache or tempera. 5) Brushes: round “squirrel” No. 1, No. 4 or No. 5, flat “synthetic” No. 5 6) Transparent varnish for wood
7) Wooden blank bracelet The first stage. First you need to prepare the surface of the bracelet for work.The first step is to apply a layer of soil to close the cracks and dents that are almost always present on the workpiece due to the nature of the material. It is easiest to use PVA glue for priming - it is available in any office supply store, it is inexpensive and does not require additional preparation before application. However, if you want to do everything according to the technology tested by centuries - dilute the gelatin according to the instructions indicated on the package, while respecting the proportions of 1 part gelatin to 8 parts of water. The primer is applied with a flat brush evenly over the entire surface of the workpiece, including the inside. If after application there are places where the soil turned out to be a little more, and it protrudes a bit - do not rush to remove the extra layer and wait until it is completely dry. After making sure that the soil is completely dry, you can take sandpaper. With its help, you can finally eliminate all irregularities on the surface of the workpiece.
prepare the surface of the bracelet
The second stage. Now you need to apply a background layer of paint, on top of which the main part of the painting will already be applied.It is best to perform this part of the work with acrylic paints, since after drying they are poorly soluble in water, which means that they will not be mixed in when drawing further on. The background is painted with a paint diluted to a very liquid state, and it should be done better on a pre-wetted surface and extremely quickly. If you do not do this, ugly divorces will remain. It is worth noting that the background turns out to be translucent, but if you do not like it, you can always add a few more such layers. Traditionally, in the Gorodetsky painting, the background is written either with ocher or red paint. In this case, the background layer is red.
apply a background layer of paint
The third stage. Gorodets painting is carried out in several main stages. To begin with, the main color of future elements of the ornament is applied. The base of the flowers is a circle, complemented by petal projections. Leaves are depicted with drop-shaped smears. At this stage it is already possible to make various additional decorative elements, and in the future - to add them.All elements of the painting is best done with a round brush made of squirrel wool with gouache or tempera. It should start with the central objects, then go to the additional ones.
 causes the base color
 are depicted with drop-shaped strokes
The fourth stage. This stage is called "teni". It consists in the study of a part of the details of the elements of an ornament using black paint. “Tenyok” is made in various ways, depending on the element. It requires care and caution. You should not hurry in the process of painting, because otherwise you can make a mistake in the position of the stroke or miss. You can use both a large brush and a smaller brush.
 are depicted with drop-shaped strokes
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/11/1145-detaley-elementov-ornamenta.jpg" alt="details of the elements of the ornament" title="details of the elements of the ornament">
The fifth stage. Now is the time to doone of the final stages - the “animation”. For this you need to take a white paint. The process of “reviving”, in its essence, is very similar to the process of executing the “tenyoshka”. It is named this way because it really animates the ornament, makes it more interesting and even slightly voluminous. After the "ozhivki" remains to modify only the small details of the painting. They are made with a fine brush in order to get as neat as possible.  details of ornamental elements
Gorodets painting of a wooden bracelet Sixth Stage. After the painting is completely finished, you can varnish the product. This is done so that when the bracelet is worn, the paint will not be smeared or scratched. It should be noted that when choosing a varnish you need to be careful. First of all, it must be colorless, otherwise the paint will overlap and discolor. Also you need to pay attention to how quickly and well it dries up, because there are varnishes that continue to stick even after a few months.The varnish should be applied with a soft brush in order to avoid smearing the paint. It is necessary to varnish not only the outer part of the bracelet, but also the inner one. As soon as the lacquering is completely dry, you can put on and wear the bracelet without fear of spoiling it.
 Gorodets painting of a wooden bracelet
 Gorodets painting of a wooden bracelet
 Gorodets painting wooden bracelet

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