Gradebook cover

For a student, the most important document, which should almost always be with him, is a record book. This document is considered not only as a kind of a diary for assessments, but is also considered to be his face. It must be in the cover in order to preserve its appearance throughout the school year. And here is the question: "Is it possible to buy a ready-made cover in the store, or still be original and make it yourself?" Covers for the handbook can be done using a rather popular technique in modern handicrafts scrapbooking. Just such a cover now and we will do. For work we need the following: • White cardboard, large sheet or watercolor paper; • Two sheets of paper for scrapbooking from the School Pages series;
• A color picture on a student theme measuring 5.5 * 5.5 cm; • A transparent cover is 11.4 cm * 15.3 cm, it is folded, and when unfolded it is 11.4 * 30.6 cm; • Cutting out of thick colored cardboard: Kraft featherpaper and beige flower; • Repeated tape 9mm wide cream-pink; • Beige lace; • Metal pendant globe; • Brown half-beads; • Printed inscription "Record-book" and gold ink for toning; • Scissors, pencil, ruler, PVA adhesive; • Adhesive tape, double sided; • Sewing machine; • Adhesive gun.
Cover on the grade book
So, first we need to make a base of thick cardboard or watercolor paper. We take white cardboard or it can be light gray. We try to match the color scheme of the cardboard to the tone of scrapbooking paper. So the transition of colors will be smooth, and the product will be harmonious. Cut out the cardboard blank 11.3 * 30.5 cm.  tools
 Cover for the record book
Divide this work in half, for this, under the ruler with scissors we make scoring, an invisible line of bending. Folded together and ironed several times.
 Cover ongrade book
 Gradebook cover
From the scrapbooking paper, we now cut two rectangles of 11 * 15 cm different colors.
 Gradebook cover
 Gradebook cover
Let's take a color picture and a printed inscription "Gradebook" in the form of a small rectangle.
 Gradebook cover
 Graduation cover
Golden pad tint the edges of the rectangle with the inscription, so we create a semi-antique effect.
Gradebook cover
On one scrapbook we paste the picture and the inscription, look at the photo below. And now we sew each piece separately on a typewriter.
 Gradebook cover
Cover on the test book Cut a section of rep tape 18 cm long and the same length cut a strip of lace.

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