Growing cucumbers on the balcony

You will need
  • - Cucumber seeds are self-pollinated;
  • - tanks with a capacity of 5 - 7 liters;
  • - soil
Get a soil for your seedlings. Any vegetable soil will be suitable. Also called universal. If you wish, you can prepare the soil for sowing cucumber seeds yourself. Calculate the components of your soil with the condition that it needs 5 - 6 liters per plant. So, in equal quantities, mix the soil from the garden, peat and humus. Add one tablespoon of superphosphate. Your soil is ready.
In early May, subject to steady warm weather of 24 to 26 degrees Celsius, prepare a damp cloth and wrap the seeds of cucumber in it. After 10 - 12 hours you will see small sprouts. This means that the seeds are ready for planting in the ground.
Fill your containers with soil prepared in advance at the rate of 5 - 6 liters of soil per plant. Moisten the soil with warm water. Make a dimple of 1 - 2 cm. Place one cucumber seed in each dimple. Sprinkle with earth.
Once on your plants will be 12 - 15 leaves, you must install support. To do this, on the balcony from one side to the other, pull the twine, clothesline or wire.
In the capacity of each plant, install a wooden stick without damaging the roots. Carefully and not tightly tie a stick to the plant stem with a rope.
Start wrapping the rope around the plant. Tie it to a pre-tensioned wire or twine. Now your plants will not fall. Have a good harvest!

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