Halloween Holiday for Children

How to spend Halloween with children? Ideas, contests, crafts and home decoration for Halloween usually falls on the shoulders of parents, if the children have not reached adolescence. But all the pre-holiday efforts pay off handsomely when delight and joy do not disappear from children's faces, and the house is filled with fun.

Halloween for children will not be real, unless the eerie, magical atmosphere is recreated. Therefore, the main task - the decoration of the house and yard, as well as the unusual design of the festive table. In this case, all the crafts for Halloween with their own hands can be made even by kids, if they can be helped by their parents, elder brothers and sisters.

 Halloween party for children

Halloween party for children

The smallest can participate in the creation of Halloween paintings, which will be an excellent option for decorating the walls. Some pictures can be fixed on the windows, and when it gets dark, they will be visible from the street.

 Children's drawing Halloween

Children's drawing Halloween

You can draw an outline of the image and have the child fill it with color by applying it with a punch pad or sponge. The simplest pictures, without which it is impossible to imagine Halloween - a pumpkin (Jack's lamp) and a bat.

Another element of the decor that can be done to little children is a haunted garland from handprints. For its production will require:

colored double-sided paper (you can use colored paper for the printer);

brush and paint (mainly need black and white color) or black marker;



thread or clerical buttons that will fix garland elements in a row.

Cut out the ghosts from the palms

Getting started.

Put the palm of the left hand and the palm on the paper Odim her, holding a pencil in the right. You can help each other - one puts a palm and the other one leads around it.

We draw a funny ghost face on our palm, we use paint or a marker.

We cut a palm along the contour.

Garland on Halloween

Halloween Garland

It was an unusual ghost.You can fasten them to a thread and hang it on a wall, or you can pin it individually to different places in the room. The inscription “Happy Halloween” looks very interesting, decorated with such ghosts.

 Ghosts from plastic bottles

Ghosts from plastic bottles

Decorating the house on Halloween

Home decoration for Halloween

An even more original garland is made from empty plastic bottles. We draw faces on them, and inside we place a New Year's fir-tree garland. Done! When it becomes dark, we light the garland and enjoy the glow of funny ghosts. You can use colored plastic bottles for drinks and stick the outlines of the faces on them by cutting out self-adhesive colored paper.

 Hat with a brain

Hat with a brain

Do not forget about the costumes for the guests, without them Halloween for children will not be a holiday. A great option is to make a cardboard headdress in the form of a brain, and sign its various departments.If there is not enough knowledge of anatomy, you can come up with various funny inscriptions: “Zone of laziness”, “Zone of love for sweets”, “Zone of fear of cockroaches”, etc. Subsequently, children can have fun by reading the inscriptions on each other’s helmets.

And of course, it’s impossible to imagine a holiday without a noisy feast! To decorate the holiday table, use various eerie objects. For example, a napkin stand can be made of cardboard or papier-mâché, giving it the appearance of a gravestone.

The festive menu is designed with a thematic slant, and unusual names are invented for different dishes. Separately, put jars of marmalade sweets or candies on the table, and sign them: “Poison”, “Cockroach larvae”, “Frog eyes”, etc.

Candy in flasks with poison

Candy in flasks with poison

Excellent do-it-yourself Halloween articles can be made from mandarins - by drawing triangular contours of the eyes and nose on their skin, as well as sharp teeth, You can get a mini-flashlights Jack, which are usually cut from the pumpkin. They can be put near each small plate or as a composition in the center of the table.

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