Handbag with a zipper with embroidery "Matryoshka dolls"

Zipper handbag with embroidery "Nested dolls"- this bag will be a fashionable decoration for gifts for girls of any age.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. white fabric;
  3. patchwork fabric
  4. zigzag braid;
  5. zipper.


Step 1

Cut the canvas with embroidery, one detail for the backdrop and two lining details to the same size (determine the size of the cosmetic bag yourself, based on your needs. When cutting the fabric, allow for a seam of 1.5 cm). Place the face-up lining detail with a zipper on the top edge and attach the embroidered design face-down to this top edge.

Connect with pins and sew along the top of the zipper using the zipper foot. Expand and sew the second lining detail and the heel to the other side of the zipper.

Loosen the stitches. Sew a zigzag braid to the front using matching yarns.Open the zipper halfway, then turn the product.

Fold the parts together again so that both lining details are on one side, and the part with embroidery and the backdrop are on the other. Cleave with pins and sew. Turn and remove the lining inside. For embroidery, use a plastic canvas for the zipper, and a split ring for fastening.

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