Handmade Wedding Card

Spring came and brought for itself not only spring joy, warmth, first flowers and leaves, but also opened the 2015 wedding season. From spring to mid-autumn, it has long been customary to marry brides, so this tradition has reached our times. Spring weddings are light, beautiful, blooming, since spring is the most flourishing season of the year. Preparation for the wedding is already felt with particular ease, joy, but, nevertheless, it is as responsible as at any other time of the year. Young people carefully think over, cook, choose a date, place of celebration, prepare a list of guests, order a car, buy clothes and rings, in a word, a lot of worries. But these are pleasant and lovely efforts that bring pleasure, since the wedding is a special celebration that is once and for all. After all, guests, too, in turn, have a very difficult time, since they have to choose a gift for the young, and believe me this is not at all easy.What is most often given at weddings? We all have different ways: some give vouchers, other household items, some give something souvenir and interior for the house, and many prefer to donate money. Since the tastes of today's youth are hard to please, and not easy, but a cash gift is somehow more acceptable in this case, and the young then decide for themselves what they need to buy in the first place. But even you need to donate money with taste, and for this, an envelope comes to our aid, or a card with a pocket for money. Since the wedding is a special holiday, it is imperative that you also need verbal congratulations, so it’s better to have a postcard in which you can write these words. To be an original wedding guest, you can make such a postcard with your own hands, than we are now, strictly speaking and let's do it, and our favorite and rich in materials scrapbooking will help us in this. So, we start and take the following: • Watercolor paper; • • Wedding shebbi scrapbook, several similar colors;
• Embossed Pearlescent Cardboard; • Picture with young;• Openwork white cutting; • Stamp “Happy Wedding Day”; • White poppy, complex pearl stamens,white berry in sugar; • White polymer frame; • White cut down bow; • Long twigs with stamens; • Long white feather; • White large hydrangea; • A piece of white lace; • Peach paper butterfly; • Mother of pearl hollow heart and semi-beads; • Stamp with rings, newlyweds, glasses and inscriptions; • • Pink ink; • • White and peach ribbons of satin and organza; • Curbing punchers; • PVA glue, glue gun, double-sided tape; • Scissors, pencil and ruler.
 Handmade wedding card
 we take the following
Cut out the basis of a watercolor paper, fold it in half and get 11 * 20 cm blank with folded form .
 Cut from watercolor paper
cut rectangles
From scrapbook now we cut out rectangles two large 10.5 * 19.5 cm and small quadrangles,as in the photo.
cut rectangles
 make lace strips
Two large and one small rectangles are scratched with scissors, so to speak, we age . We make lace stripes from mother-of-pearl cardboard using a hole punch.
 make lace stripes
 glue the inner pocket
glue the PVA glue inner pocket, top and side along the strip, as well as mother-of-pearl lace into large rectangles.
 glue inner pocket
 Putting the front part of the card
Putting it front of the postcard, glue the rectangle, sew it on the typewriter. From above we glue the cut-out figure out of white cardboard, the picture of the newlywed on it, we also sew it with a machine. Putting the front of the postcard
 We assemble the front part of the postcard
We make the stamping of the inscription, we tint it, we glue it on the front part and sew it . Stamping and other inscriptions.
 Making the stamping of the label
 We make the stamping of the inscription
Kleim both rectangles to the base.
We paste both rectangles to the base
 We glue both rectangles to the base
Sew on each machine. We make a bouquet of flowers.
 sewing machine
 sew with a typewriter We glue a feather and twigs under the frame, and on them a frame and bows with ribbons. We glue the bow, flower, lace and butterfly as in the photo.
 Sticking feathers and twigs under the frame
 Handmade Wedding Card
Postcard with a pocket is ready, you can congratulate the newlywed. Thank you for your attention!
 Handmade Wedding Card

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