Good verse? he composed himself.

EXECUTIONER How terrible for me to live side by side with the executioner, What goes in circles and twists his shoulder And threatens me! Why and for what? I'm scared to sit alone in the apartment. As soon as I hear Ambala steps, Then at least from all legs run from the bully! And all because I'm in love with a lady, And let, that she from known gulёn, What is going around somewhere at night she ... It would be from her excellent wife! I want to admit to her passionate love But it is terrible to catch the eye of the executioner ...
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Answered on December 27, 2016 13:43
My opinion. The hangman here you have is a very mysterious character))) I am one of those who like to complicate and search for the hidden meaning in verses, in principle, this is the right approach to them. Here I sit and think - who is this your executioner who prevents you from loving a lady who is unworthy of a hero in social terms? She's like a walker, but he isn’t. Purely psychologically - feeling guilty, fear of “wrong” love or mb shame?)) The executioner personifies a kind of barrier between a hero and his love. Poems are good, but we must develop further.With rhyme is normal, the makings of the poet is, train and write further, if you like. In general, there is energy in the poems, you write with the soul, but at the same time, some cumbersome, I can not explain why. This is characteristic of novice poets. Exercise more, write under inspiration, read poems by good poets.

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