Heart Shaped Box

If you often use scotch, then pay attention to the paper reel, which is inside. Usually, when the tape ends, the piece of paper is sent to the trash. But real needlewomen never throw anything away and skillfully turn unnecessary things at first glance into very necessary things. Today you will learn how to make a box of two reels of scotch in the shape of a heart. It will be a wonderful gift for a girlfriend or daughter on Valentine's Day on February 14. For work you will need the following components:
  • 2 reels of adhesive tape;
  • tube of white glue;
  • heat gun;
  • thick cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • a piece of wallpaper;
  • openwork ribbons, braid and flowers.
First, pick up two spools of adhesive tape of the same size and thickness.
Box in the shape of a heart
With the help of strong scissors or stationery cut the paper rings anywhere.
 Heart-shaped box
Using a heat gun, glue the heart-shaped blanks.Make sure that both parts are arranged symmetrically.
 Heart-shaped casket
Now, cut 2 flat hearts out of thick cardboard - this will be the bottom and the lid of the future casket. Put your heart on a cardboard and circle it around the contour.
 Heart-shaped box
These 2 cardboard hearts should be the result.
 Box in the shape of a heart
Wrap them with your favorite wallpaper. You can use fabric, colored, wrapping or crepe paper. Put the cardboard heart, smeared with PVA glue, on the wallpaper from the wrong side and cut with an allowance. Turn the remaining edges on the wrong side.
 Box in the shape of a heart
Then cut the heart out of the wallpaper to the desired size and glue on the wrong side. It should turn out blank: bottom and cover.
Heart-shaped casket
Now go on to wallpapering the side of the reels.Cut off a wide stripe and glue with PVA glue around the perimeter of the volumetric heart.
 Heart-shaped casket
Turn up the edges of the wallpaper in the middle of the base and fix with glue.
Box in the shape of a heart
Cut a thin strip of wallpaper and glue it in the middle of the volumetric heart. This is the middle part of the future box.
Box in the shape of a heart
Now start assembling the parts. A thermogun is used at this stage. To fix the lid, you need to glue a piece of tape to the lid and to the edge of the middle section. Cover the ribbon with wallpaper.
 Heart shaped box
Now the lid can open and close freely.
Casket in the shape of a heart
Fix the bottom of the casket with a thermo-pistol.
 Box in the shape of a heart
Only a decorator remains Vat crafts.On the top and bottom of the side, glue the tape to the wallpaper tone.
 Box in the shape of a heart
On the cover place an openwork white ribbon with red and beige knitted flowers. Box in the shape of a heart
This is the open casket.
 Box in the shape of a heart
And this is its closed look.
 Box in the shape of a heart
Pick up the box's decor at your discretion. These can be, for example, flowers made from fabric, crepe paper, satin ribbons or foamiran. You can store jewelry, handicraft materials, small parts (buttons, pins) or stationery in such a convenient box. If you put a casket in the kitchen, it can be useful for serving chocolates or for storing spices. Inspirations and creative ideas!

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