Heart-shaped pillow

Probably no people who do not like to receive gifts. And if the gift is made independently, its value increases many times. I suggest you to make a decorative pillow in the shape of a heart, as recognition of your lightest feelings to your soulmate.
 pillow in the shape of a heart
For to sew such a pillow, you will need: 1. Thick fabric for the backing 2. Fabric red, cotton 3. Threads, 2 colors: pink, blue. 4. Filler (synthetic winterizer or fluff) 5. Scissors 6. Sequins, 2 colors: pink, blue 7. Tinsel color 8. Needle 9. A simple pencil
material for the pillow
In the version presented to you, down was used as a filler, but if you suffer from allergies, you can replace it with a synthetic winterizer. The cushion is edged with tinsel on the edge, but you can do without it or replace it with another material. The process is ridiculously simple: Step 1.On paper, draw a heart, cut it out and put it on a dense fabric folded in half - it will be a pillow-case. Then sew the most part leaving open a small area through which you fill with fluff or padding polyester. The base is ready.
 pillow in the shape of a heart
Step 2. Using the same paper template, cut out the heart from red material, it is desirable that the color be as much as possible brighter, because the color of the sparkles will look better. Step 3. Use a simple pencil on the case to make an inscription, draw hearts. Here you can fantasize as you like, the inscription “I love” can be replaced with the name of the recipient of your gift, instead of hearts you can embroider butterflies - in general, the look of the pillow is at your discretion.
 pillow in the shape of a heart
The photo shows how the process of embroidery is going on: pink sparkles with pink threads, blue sparkles - blue. Each sequin is sewn separately, a loop is made at the place where the next one will be sewn. It is not recommended to use fishing line instead of thread, as cotton will wrinkle from strong screeds.Glitters, if desired, can be replaced with glass beads or medium-sized beads. But the beads are not suitable for such work, as you only sew the contour and the pattern will not be smooth. The ready case is below
cushion cover

Step 4. Put the ready cover on the pillow - the base, sew up along the edges. Since you will sew on the front side, because it is more convenient, you should close the seams with a border. In my case, this is tinsel, which perfectly harmonizes with the other elements.
 pillow in the shape of a heart
Tinsel can be replaced with angora yarn - just sew it along the edges of the finished pillow using a gypsy needle. Such a pillow can be sewn not only to a loved one, but also to someone from relatives or friends, the main thing is to choose a thematic inscription. By following this step-by-step instruction, you can easily do this kind of work. Your masterpiece is ready! You can also sew a loop in the middle of the upper part of the pillow so that it can be hung on the wall.
 heart shaped pillow

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