Hedgehog - an unusual pet

We often meet with hedgehogs, walking through the forest. Their natural habitat is very convenient - there is always something to profit and hide in case of danger. But sometimes these small animals also come to the house in search of something edible and remain there as a pet. They are good-natured and unpretentious, besides they are helpers - they destroy pests in country cottages and vegetable gardens, thus, finding their livelihood.

Where to get?

Catching a prickly friend in a forest or park area is not difficult, because coiling up to protect them, they do not run away. But it is worth being vigilant and reasonable.

  • First, the animal living in the forest does not need additional care and in itself is able to live well.
  • Secondly, a wild mammal can conceal a certain danger in itself, because its forcible retention at home is fraught with bites, scratches, infection with helminths and even such a serious infectious disease like leptospirosis.

Therefore, in order not to endanger the health of close people, and especially children, who will definitely want to play with the animal, it is better to go to the breeder for a hedgehog. There are plenty of such places in our country, and after examining all the necessary documents and veterinary certificates, you will be able to bring your spiny pet home. Such hedgehogs quickly adapt to life in an apartment or house and get along well with their owners.

Correct content

Having bought a hedgehog, not many people know how to take care of him, so you shouldn’t let him run around the house for joy. It can easily get tangled in wires, fall or even get hurt, so a cage is best suited for a comfortable stay. It may be wooden or metal, but in no case a glass terrarium, which can be detrimental to the animal.

Sawdust or straw is used as a litter. To avoid unpleasant smell, suitable filler for cats.

Do not forget about the bowls of water and food, and that the drink is not poured, you can buy a special drinker for birds. Hedgehog quickly learn to drink from it, and the problem of a wet cell will not annoy you.

It is worth remembering that hedgehogs are carnivores, because ordinary grass or leaves will not suit him at all. Animals in nature feed on snails, bugs or worms, but at home they will not give up chopped meat. Also beetles can be replaced with bloodworms, which you can easily find in any market or specialized fishing stores.

A useful food for a prickly friend will also be a boiled liver or fish. Sometimes you can please him with fresh carrots or apples, as well as bread soaked in milk, kefir, ryazhenka.

To feed a pet you need 2 times a day in portions not more than 50 g.

Have a meal, you can sleep

After a hearty lunch, the hedgehog prefers to sleep, but at night the animal is awake, so you need to be prepared for the fact that while you rest (if you manage to fall asleep), the thorny little lump will run around the cage and entertain itself in every way. It is better to move it in advance to a place where the hedgehog will not disturb anyone with its nightly activity.

In the autumn, the animal hibernates, having saved up the necessary amount of subcutaneous fat. If you notice that your pet has become very sluggish, it means that he is going to fall asleep for a long time.In this case, you need to find a cool place (no more than +5 degrees), where the hedgehog needs to make a comfortable nest.

It is a mistake to assume that the animal falls asleep under normal conditions. This can not only badly affect his condition, but even cause death.

Some features

The content of such an unusual pet will not cause problems, if you remember some important points.

  1. Hedgehog - a loner. If you want to buy a pair of hedgehogs, they need to settle in different cells. Together can live only unisex animals during the breeding season.
  2. It is rather difficult to get offspring from domesticated species. To do this, you need to significantly prepare and choose the right time.
  3. One of the disadvantages of the hedgehog for the owners are its sharp claws. Therefore, if you decide to release a pet to run, cover the floor with newspapers or any other material, so as not to spoil the floor covering.

Proper care and care will give you a pleasant and unusual friend for the whole family, who, despite their thorns, is very good-natured.

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