Here is a discovery: children do not make their parents happier

Scientists - no, not British - once again stunned moms and dads.

“Children are happiness” is an axiom. If you think wrong, then you are a terrible person with a “childfree” sticker on his forehead. In general, almost Hitler. But now all dissenters have a scientific rationale for their doubts about the unconditional happiness that the appearance in the family of a child brings.

Kids don't make us happier
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French scientists from the Paris School of Economics conducted a large-scale study. Scientists studied data from four countries: UK, USA, Germany and Australia. And they found out that the euphoria from the birth of a child lasts only 12 months. That is, a year later, people no longer notice any particular happiness - the positive emotional charge is over. But they completely get used to their happiness and cease to notice it completely after two years. And both moms and dads. Then, for at least four years, the level of happiness no longer rises.

But there is a tangible emotional imbalance - after all, the birth of children, like any medal, has two sides. Fatigue, irritability, no personal life, responsibility - it all accumulates and makes itself felt, “lubricating” the picture of happiness.

“We could not find evidence that having children has a lasting positive effect on people's well-being,” said Andrew Clark, one of the authors of the study. - For personal happiness, it is more important for a person to have a spouse than a child.

It turned out that a loved one beside really makes us happier - and for a long time. True, the stress of losing a partner, a divorce, or death, too, doesn’t beat a person out of happy indicators for too long. The level of happiness for four years before parting and four years after about the same.

- But we have no data for a longer period. Maybe when it will be 20, 30 or 40 years after the birth of a child, when we grow old and need care, then we will again feel the happiness of having children, Clark shrugs.

In general, until it comes to the notorious glass of water, we will not understand how happy we are that we have children. Or not.

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